Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Leslie Butterfield

Name: Leslie Butterfield

Job: Managing partner, The Ingram Partnership

Professional mission: Keep up with Chris Ingram, the most driven person

I've ever known. Make The Ingram Partnership a success, but try to enjoy

the journey too

Personal mantra: Hard work works

6.45am Wake up to the strains of the Today programme. Catch the 7am headlines while shaving. 7.30am Walk to work via Coffee Republic in Marylebone High Street. Cappuccino and first cigarette of the day - read whatever newspaper is still on the rack (usually the FT).

8.00am Arrive at work, check calendar, check e-mails.

8.30am First meeting: Lucy Powell (Britain in Europe), Chris Powell and I discuss status of the "yes" campaign.

10.00am Meeting with brand team on project for a new client.

11.15am Chat with Chris (Ingram) about acquisition candidates we're targeting in New York.

11.45am Five minutes with my PA, Hannah, to review calendar for rest of week: who's cancelled, re-fixed, or generally reconfigured our lives!

11.55am Call our new client at the Co-operative Group. Discuss the brand model we've developed. Seems to have been well-received.

12.30pm Sandwich lunch with our new-business manager, Jane, and the team we've put together for a prospective client. (I hate sandwiches but they seem to be a way of life at the moment.)

2.30pm Internal meeting with my colleague Sarah Heard on Mercedes-Benz. I'm writing a book on their brand and we're now into the detail illustrations, permissions and (worryingly) libel law. A chill goes through me as I realise how close to the wire I'm getting with some of my comments.

3.30pm Book a private lesson for a friend who's coming skiing with me for the first time next month.

4.00pm New-business clients arrive. Meeting goes well; they talk more than us, always a good sign.

5.55pm Meet with Sarah again to talk about training needs.

7.00pm Off to the Landmark Hotel for a swim, my only regular exercise.

8.30pm Dinner with partner at the Hellenic. Restaurant and staff unchanged for 20 years - like nothing else in my life.

10.30pm Back to my flat. Another choice: Newsnight or Desperate Housewives. Opt for the latter. Last cigarette of the day.

11.15pm Asleep - generally within less than a minute of my head hitting the pillow.