Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Lisa Thomas, Lida

Name: Lisa Thomas
Job: Chief executive, Lida
Professional mission: Do it well, or don't do it
Personal mantra: It's all in the timing

4.20am Morgan (18 months) wakes up. Note time on BlackBerry. Milo (three-and-a-half) is due to wake in 37 minutes.

5.23am Milo finally awakes. He's far too nonchalant about what is a key performance indicator in my book.

7.00am Text Zac and Darcey (other two kids, at boarding school) to check they're up. No response.

7.15am On District Line, reading Metro. I despair at London's free papers; they're turning our brains to mush. Compose e-mail complaint to Northcliffe Newspapers.

7.45am Caffe Nero. No word from Northcliffe. No response from Zac and Darcey either. Compose e-mail to their headmaster.

8.00am Survey desk, prioritise paperwork and set corresponding alarms on BlackBerry. Call PA Kate and ask her to synchronise watches. Am sure she looks at me strangely. Note this down on BlackBerry. No word from Z and D's headmaster.

9.15am Meeting with Sportingbet and engagement architects to discuss user journeys. BlackBerry beeps but have allocated 9.39am to check it, so ignore.

9.39am Check BlackBerry. It's spam.

11.00am Meeting with MD Mel. Tom (new business) joins us. His pants are clearly visible above his jeans. Seems he's cycled in and forgotten his belt. Suggest he sets reminder on his BlackBerry.

1.45pm Personal training session. Personal trainer says I look stressed. Tell her this is ridiculous. E-mail Giles while doing arm curls.

2.15pm Still no response from Z, D, Northcliffe or headmaster.

3.00pm Present integrated NatWest campaign with planner Matthew. Client asks how kids are. "Out of control," I tell them.

4.00pm Return to office to finalise pitch presentation.

5.00pm Receive e-mail from Giles. Apparently, all is well with Z and D. He's far too trusting.

6.33pm Drinks with the agency and a few clients. Noticed we started three minutes late. Sloppy.

10.45pm District Line. London Lite. No mention of my grievances. Send another e-mail to Northcliffe.

11.25pm Home. Giles has put children to bed. Z and D's headmaster called him to check if everything was okay with me. What is wrong with these people?

11.45pm Six hours and 15 minutes free for sleep. Optimum.