Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Liz Harold

Name: Liz Harold

Job: Headhunter

Professional mission: To find the best possible homes for my creatives

and to do it in the best possible way

Personal mantra: Be honest

7.00am I live over the shop in Beak Street so no uncomfortable commute, just a bed to push back into the wall, flick on the computers, two laps of the gym, home for a cuppa, shower and put the face on. 8.30am Scan diary, e-mail and call creative directors to let them know how we're doing on briefs.

9.00am A creative team drops their book in for a creative director who has promised to come in later to look at junior portfolios.

10.00am Bonnie and Jan in, we have a round-up of the most urgent freelance briefs. Help each other with ideas for each brief. Ring round creative directors and candidates, discuss new ways to get them the people that they want.

11.00am Interview creative team with itchy feet. Find out why they're keen to move, look at their work, discuss their options and offer encouragement and reality check on their salary expectations. Get them to consider that maybe all that's needed is more communication with their creative director.

12.00am Interview a team who've just been laid off. Talk about their severance package, whether they'll need legal advice and financial support from Nabs and how long they can survive on it.

12.30pm Dan, my eldest, drops in to see if I am free for lunch. Sadly I'm not. I am about to be late for lunch with a creative director who wants to discuss his hopes and fears for his department in the New Year.

3.00pm Prepare for creative director to come in. The fire's cosy, there's coffee on the go, visitor is reluctant to leave and the girls have a "six out of ten" strike-rate on the portfolios.

4.04pm Ex-husband calls to say he's getting married next week.

5.00pm Meet founding partner of new website where creatives can display and sell their ideas to subscribed clients - a sort of eBay for ideas. I agree to a demonstration in our office soon.

6.00pm With a large vodka and tonic, I sit and contemplate the possible negatives of an eBay for ideas but I can't think of any. All my creatives want their best ideas to be bought.

7.00pm Make notes for next day, clear desk, pull down bed for later and make plans for fly-fishing trip (I do know the difference between a Woolly Bugger and a Dog Nobbler).

12.00pm Make sure the mobile's off. Roll on tomorrow ...