Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Lizie Gower, Academy Productions

Name: Lizie Gower Job: Managing director/owner, Academy Productions, London Professional mission: Nurture talent, win awards, make some money Personal mantra: Follow your ball bag

5.00am Up and into my car for tedious sat-nav instructions all the way to Greenwich. First day of a Pepsi shoot with the Academy directors Si & Ad. The Royal Naval College will today host a collection of English football stars and a few hundred boggle-eyed extras.

6.00am Join Si & Ad by the catering truck, fighting off rent-a-crowd extras for the usual ridiculous film-set breakfast, last hiding place of white pudding and fried bread. Ad is looking forward to meeting his Ipswich hero Mick Mills; Si, Peter Beardsley. I'm quite excited about the possibility of sharing my treacle pudding with John Terry at lunchtime.

10.00am Most of the stars are here. Rio Ferdinand arrives in Michael Owen's helicopter, Gary Mabbutt in his own Rover. No sign of John.

12.00pm Alf, the film liaison officer (excited about Peter Shilton), has lost his patina of calm. The England brass band playing the theme tune to The Great Escape is disturbing the music college next door.

1.00pm John Terry has a minor injury and will be replaced by Jermain Defoe. I can't help pondering what circumstances would necessitate such an unlikely substitution in the real world. I try to persuade Rebecca Scharf, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's producer (favourite: Sol Campbell), to share my pudding instead, but she's up the duff and is having fruit salad.

3.00pm One extra bearing a disturbing resemblance to Donatella Versace has to be removed after she keeps forcing her way into foreground and blocking Shaun Wright-Philips. "You are too beautiful, you will distract the audience," our line producer, Laura (Tony Adams), says tactfully.

4.00pm Somewhat against his will, Chris Waddle agrees to wear the lion suit the script demands. He probably never wanted to take that penalty either. Or record that single. He makes a better job of the acting.

5.30pm We wrap on time as the light disappears. A good day.

7.00pm Quick dash into Soho, open a bottle of inky red and check out three cuts that Seb Edwards is working on for Leagas Delaney.

9.00pm Back home and surprise my boys with a signed football shirt from all the players. "Hey mum, how was John Terry?" Quite a good day.