Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Lucy Owen, Nabs

Name: Lucy Owen
Job: Chief executive, Nabs
Professional mission: Integrity is everything
Personal mantra: Do as you would be done by

7.00am Rudely awoken by mobile phone alarm. Why not the kids?

7.05am Emerge from bedroom, kids already dressed. Looks like they grew up without me noticing. Gulp.

8.00am Take note of children's requests for new school uniform. Distribute hugs and kisses all round before dash to station.

9.15am Brief stop to buy healthy breakfast. I give in to the smell of bacon down the "not-so-healthy" end of the cafe. (Note to self: must do more running as part of half-marathon preparations.)

9.20am Check for faxes. It's Nabs month, and the May Day Pay Day forms are coming through. More people have signed up to commit a day's salary in May to Nabs.

9.45am Planning session with events managers.

10.45am Check out this week's press. Wonder why Campaign can't write Nabs in capital letters ...

11.30am On way to kitchen, can't resist checking fax machine again for more May Day Pay Day forms.

11.35am While waiting for the kettle to boil, I have a brief chat to a young team in our resource room. Finally, they have their first placement. Hope it will lead to something a little bit more permanent.

11.45am Meeting with the finance director. The audit is over and he looks ten years younger. Seems like we've ticked all the boxes in respect of SORP 2005 - the new financial reporting legislation for charities.

1.00pm Dash to M&S to collect school dress for daughter. Pick up salad and a bag of kettle chips. Remind myself again of the need to run - something more substantial than a dash through Soho.

2.30pm Out with our new head of fundraising to meet with the chief executive of a digital agency.

4.00pm Weekly catch-up with The Consultancy, our new combined support and careers team. New system is working well.

7.00pm Home via an old-fashioned sweet shop in Brewer Street - still suffering from "working mum guilt", even after eight years. New school dress well received. Husband home. No excuse. Will have to go running.

8.30pm Running cancelled due to visit from former work friends who have moved into the area. They're curious about Nabs. Am surprised at how little they know.

11.30pm Bed. Half-marathon training will just have to wait.