Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Marc Michaels, COI Communications

Name: Marc Michaels Job: Director of direct and relationship marketing, COI Communications Professional mission: Be the centre for direct marketing excellence in government Personal mantra: It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice

6.50am Alarm on my Palm reminds me I have to work for a living. Put on Sky News.

8.00am Travel time. Try to walk large chunks of journey - it's the only exercise I get!

8.55am Arrive at COI Communications, check e-mails, diary, messages, etc.

9.30am Update session with my deputy, Robert, to check progress on publication of the second edition of COI's Better Practice for Government Contact Centres.

10.00am Client meeting to discuss reaching every 18-year-old in the country to convince them to register and use their vote. Ruth, a senior DRM manager, and I map out the way forward for a very nice chap from the House of Commons.

11.30am Emily, a senior DRM manager, gives me a quick presentation of possible creative approaches for Marines.

12 noon Sandwiches at desk. I amend version of a pitch document for a COI response-analysis tool.

1.30pm Time with my PA, Vanessa - door-to-door pitch instructions and running order, travel and hotel for a research group in Sutton Coldfield, memos to type and presentations I'll be giving at industry events.

1.55pm A meeting-free zone for a change - hurrah! Read stuff, write stuff and discuss stuff with my brilliant team.

3.30pm Due to have a five-minute slot to extol the virtues of DM to our new minister, who's visiting COI. This was postponed so catch up on my ever-increasing inbox.

3.45pm Serious pre-meet to discuss and prepare for impending Treasury financial management review.

4.30pm A chance to mark a couple of roster applications. Print off stuff to read on train. Agency Q&A session tomorrow.

5.30pm Back on train, listening to a Ladino song repetitively as I've got to learn it for a performance.

6.40pm Most important part of the day: play with my son Aryeh.

8.00pm A night at the drawing board with quill in hand fixing a parchment scroll containing the five books of Moses written by God - the ultimate copywriter!

11.00pm Bit of relaxation. Call a friend, then Planet Rock and a book.

12 midnight Bed!