Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Marie-Jose Forissier, Initiative Worldwide

Name: Marie-Jose Forissier

Job: Chairman, Initiative Worldwide

Professional mission: Expect even more from us tomorrow

Personal mantra: People can always achieve more than they think they are

capable of. So, believe in yourself, be determined, and never lie

6.30am Listen to the news on Europe 1 as I get ready. 7.00am Read the bits of the Financial Times and Le Figaro that interest me. Time for a quick coffee with my husband.

7.15am Call Asia to take care of today's pressing business.

8.00am Walk to the office. Stop on the way and order flowers to send to a friend.

8.30am Breakfast with headhunter, specialist in marketing and "out of the box" talent.

9.30am Read e-mails to see what's been happening during the night. Talk to King Lai, our Asia chief executive, about China.

10.30am Meeting with international finance director to revise 2005 budgets by region.

11.00am Busy period with phone calls and e-mails.

1.00pm Lunch with Patricia Le Quellec of Danone, a long-standing acquaintance (not a client), and talk about her new job.

2.45pm Prepare trip to Switzerland for new-business opportunity.

3.00pm My husband calls! Accept dinner invitation from friends.

3.15pm Conference call with Alec Gerster and Guy Walker in New York, to discuss 2005 budgets and consolidating North American figures with the other regions.

4.00pm Conference call with Philippe Bernard (president EMEA) and James Gover, who orchestrates our Shell pitch team.

5.00pm Call Latin America regional head, Jean-Christophe Petit, to discuss structural ramifications of the Cencosud win in Chile and other pan-regional opportunities.

6.00pm Meet with Heather Bowler, international communications, to discuss plans to celebrate Initiative's 30th anniversary in April, an upcoming interview, and a client forum on the impact of new media technology on consumers.

6.30pm Tie up ends with my highly efficient PA, Bozena Watt.

8.00pm Attend farewell party for Alain Justet, who retires as the president of Unilever France.

12.00am Call Gerster about our "swaps" of talented employees between the US and other regions. A relaxing read before sleep - Jose Saramago's L'autre Comme Moi".

12.30am Lights out. Early rise tomorrow. Fly to my New York office where I spend one week per month.