Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Mark Boyd, Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Name: Mark Boyd
Job: Creative director, content, Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Professional mission: Better, different
Personal mantra: Why not?

6.45am Wake up and get ready.

7.10am Get on my scooter. Get motorbike envy as my hairdryer stops at the lights.

7.45am Arrive at work and all I can think about is the porridge. If the kitchen's porridge is runny, it is a bad omen for the day. Couldn't stand a spoon in it today.

8.30am Look at diary with Shannon. It is back-to-back all day, but at least everyone is interested. Look forward to Project Supernova.

9.00am Meeting with a TV programme producer I have always admired. When asked about the programmes I admire, I blank and can't get CSI out of my head. Beat myself up for the rest of the day.

10.00am Team status takes longer now: our little team is now 25. Opportunities, challenges and a dizzying amount of spinning plates.

11.00am Review new mobile work for ITV's Gossip Girls. Team idea and a brilliant new technology.

12.00pm Project Supernova: A made-up, dramatic-sounding, project name. Nobody ever moves it and are afraid that by asking about it they reveal they are not in the loop. Use the time to do some work.

1.00pm Boring old salad at my desk. Blimey, this job is glamorous.

2.00pm Good meeting with lawyers on a project. They have some creative solutions and some interesting introductions.

2.30pm Conference call with an Argentinian digital team we like. I know they're good, but are they nice? Will meet them and see.

3.30pm Sarah Pollard comes to talk about what's going on at BBH. Only after 20 minutes does she mention anything to do with work.

4.00pm Review on the Audi R8 project. Really exciting solution that is over budget, but will be big impact and should make some money.

5.00pm Process meeting with Pep about teething problems on some of the new work.

5.30pm Get an e-mail from a planner in New York about an APG presentation I agreed to do. Now regretting it. Must get on to it.

6.30pm Is convergence a good thing? Now receive bewildering amount of trade press from new channels and feel perpetually guilty about not reading it all.

7.30pm Home. Dinner and chat. Collapse. Must get home earlier. Mad Men or The Apprentice? Mad Men or The Apprentice? The Apprentice.