Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Mark Cadman, Euro RSCG London

Name: Mark Cadman
Job: Chief executive, Euro RSCG London
Professional mission: Try to make things a little better every day
Personal mantra: You're only as good as your team

6.20am Wake up next to the magnificent Mrs C. Hustle through bathroom before the mayhem of the school run begins.

7.00am Walk to Hammersmith Underground.

7.20am Catch up with reading. Supposedly, content is no longer "king" and distribution in the digital age is key. Thought that was always the case, even in the "old world".

7.50am Walk to office. Great sense of excitement since it is "free breakfast Friday" (Read it and weep, JWT).

8.10am Opt for fruit salad as I'm in training for the Nike 10k later this month.

8.15am Weaken and have two sausages with toast and marmalade.

9.00am Meeting with Terry Hunt, the chairman of EHS Brann, to discuss developing a shared client.

10.00am Negotiate with a prospect. Close to a win, but the last few yards are never easy.

11.00am Review creative work with Gerry Moira and Russ Lidstone. The best bit of the day so far, after the sausages.

12.00pm Quick meeting with the business director on Peugeot.

12.45pm Walk to lunch with Gerry and Russ. Admire fleet of S-Class Mercedes outside of CHI. "One day Rodney ..."

1.00pm Relaxed lunch - some serious chat about worldwide board meeting, but it quickly dissovles into discussion of weekend plans.

2.30pm Get a briefing on carbon neutrality. Learn lots of frightening facts about global warming (and trees).

3.00pm Prepare for a Monday chemistry meeting with a prospect.

4.00pm Call the prospect we're negotiating with and agree to final "face-to-face" next week.

5.00pm Final meeting of day to discuss workshop with Reckitt Benckiser.

6.00pm Running in Regent's Park with trainer. Run to Hampstead Heath. Regret sausages.

8.00pm Tube home. One of CHI's S-Classes would be nice.

9.00pm Dinner with Mrs C.

10.30pm Pray that Nick Hurrell's new-business venture is getting in the way of his training for the 10k.