Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Mark Collier, Managing partner, Dare

Name: Mark Collier
Job: Managing partner, Dare
Professional mission: Help build the definitive interactive agency
Personal mantra: You get out what you put in

5.15am "Brilliant. John Williams. Pullin. John Dawes ... great dummy. To David. The half-way line. Brilliant by Quinnell. This is Mark Collier ... a dramatic start ... what a score!"

5.16am The roar of jet engines. My moment of glory in the greatest rugby match of all time is interrupted by the arrival from Singapore. After 12 years, I still can't get used to the planes.

5.17am Start worrying about work stuff, chiefly the urgency of Dare's impending office move.

7.00am Barnes Station: "We're sorry but the 6.56 has been delayed by approximately 16 minutes ..."

8.00am Carluccio's. The usual start to the day, a Latte Milano.

9.15am Weekly all-staff meeting. A chance to update everyone on the latest news from the world of Dare and to welcome some new faces, including a new MD, Lee Wright.

9.30am Discuss plans for the new building with our financial director, Stephen Morgan. The case for an extra spiral staircase is met with a stony silence.

10.00am Meeting with our chairman, John Bartle. There's nowhere for us to sit, so we repair to Carluccio's for a debrief on the recent management away-day.

12.00pm Induction meeting for recent new joiners. A double-act with John Owen, our planning partner and my other half at Dare.

1.00am Table 11, Vasco & Piero's Pavilion. As it's Lee's first day, John and I treat her to lunch at our favourite haunt.

2.30pm Review work with our creative directors, Flo Heiss and James Cooper. The part of the job I still love the most. The boys have come up with a neat idea for our creative recruitment programme, Dare School, which involves applying live on the web to an "admissions secretary" (really an actress) called Marjorie.

5.30pm Resource planning meeting with Lee and our board account directors, Claire Hynes, Nadya Powell and Gavin Bell.

7.30pm Vauxhall Station. Squeeze into overcrowded carriage and reflect ruefully on the days when I had a space in the car-park at BBH.

8.30pm Supper with my real other half, Fiona. Vent my frustrations about trains and low-flying planes.

11.00pm The land of nod. Tonight I fancy kicking the winning drop goal in the rugby World Cup final ... as long as I'm not interrupted.