Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Mike Spicer, EHS Brann

Name: Mike Spicer
Job: Group managing director, EHS Brann
Professional mission: Don't over-promise and always deliver on the
promises made ... and don't take too bloody long doing it
Personal mantra: Illegitimi non carborundum (Don't let the bastards
grind you down)

6.40am Wake my eldest son, Jack. It's his first day back at school and it's the rugby term. Lucky bugger. Unconvinced he sees it that way.

7.00am Discuss the fact Manchester City have nicked Robinho at the last minute - we've both got Chelsea season tickets so it's an important piece of news. Book tickets online for Stoke away. And Bordeaux at home.

7.15am Leave Jack, but realise it's the induction day at school, so he's not due in until ten. How popular am I?

8.50am Meet with Paul Green, the chief financial officer at EHS Brann Group. We share an office and it seems to be going well ... it's only been eight weeks, though, and I'm not sure if he agrees. I will have to ask him. Just not now.

10.00am Pete Thorne, the head of IT, pops his head round the door. He's the brains behind the agency survey we've just sent out about how we can work better. An 80+ per cent response rate so far. Quite pleased.

12.00pm E-mail banter with Mark Reardon, John Quarrey and Ian Priest. Judging by the tone of the e-mails, it would appear that the first two are delighted at Man City poaching Robinho. Ponder what will happen if it all goes wrong.

12.01pm Finishing pondering.

12.30pm Head out for lunch. Keep having to pinch myself at all the choice Farringdon has to offer. So much better than North End Road.

12.49pm Back at desk. Got myself something exotic-looking. I wonder what's in it?

12.55pm Fish eggs, apparently. Urgh.

1.30pm Pop down to see Nigel Clifton, one of our creative directors - he takes me through some work that we've done before my time.

3.00pm Inspired by the work, I get our latest pitch team together.

4.30pm Think about asking Paul what he thinks about sharing an office with me again. Can't find the right moment.

7.39pm Get home. Ask kids how their first day back at school went.

7.40pm "Fine." That's encouraging.

8.00pm Watch Sky Sports News with the eldest - we've convinced ourselves to be pleased Robinho went to Man City as we've got Deco.

10.35pm Head to bed. Promise myself: ask Paul whether I'm a good person to share an office with first thing. Maybe I should get flowers.