Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Moray MacLennan, M&C Saatchi

Name: Moray MacLennan
Job: Chairman, UK Group, M&C Saatchi
Professional mission: Re-enact the scene from The Godfather III
Personal mantra: Talk is cheap

7.00am Wake up, having slept like a baby, by my baby, who wakes every two hours.

8.00am Drive to work, having been waved off by wonderful wife and two children, a scene akin to something from The Railway Children.

8.15am Arrive. Engage in the daily battle with the car-lift. Relive its finest moment when it squashed David Kershaw's Lexus.

8.35am Skim papers. Double espresso. Forget I've quit smoking and reach for the Silk Cut that are no longer there. Hate the world and look for someone to take it out on. Fortunately, Elisa, my PA, has arrived uncharacteristically early.

9.00am Daily routine of diary, in-tray and e-mail with Elisa.

10.00am Weekly catch-up with CEOs of other UK Group companies. A lively discussion follows on how to steal a march on everyone re: the hoary old issue of integration/360-degree/media-neutral thing. Our solution is quite brilliant.

11.00am Get shouted at by client.

11.05am Shout at "colleague".

12.00pm Phone conference with fellow regional directors Nick (Hurrell) and Tom (Dery). Discuss plans for new office openings, the positioning of our soon-to-be 20-office network and how to achieve world domination. Our solution is quite brilliant.

1.00pm Lunch at desk. Soup and sandwich from EAT, which has recently opened in the square. Wonder whether it has an agency.

2.30pm Leave for client meeting in Hemel Hempstead.

4.00pm Return on train and check BlackBerry. See internal all-staff e-mail saying: "Yes, Thierry Henry is in the building, but please stop harassing him for his autograph."

5.00pm Meet with Camilla Tappin, new-business director. Moan about Campaign's mission not to credit us with our deserved billings on the new-business league.

6.00pm Glass of wine with Graham (Fink) and Tim (Duffy). Discuss the issues of the day and the future of comms. Our solution is both simple and, of course, quite brilliant.

7.00pm Leave for black-tie sports bash at Billingsgate with NatWest client. Venue makes a pleasant change for an awards do. NatWest wins, so everyone's happy. Hang out with Mike (Vaughan) and Lamps.

12.00am Leave.

12.30am Home.

12.35am Sleep like a baby.