Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Neil Jones, Carat UK

Name: Neil Jones Job: Managing director, Carat UK Professional mission: Do great work for our clients and have a fun working environment in which we work seamlessly as a team Personal mantra: Do as you would be done by

6.30am Alarm goes off, quick shower and shave while wife has a snooze.

6.45am Upstairs to wake and dress our three boys for school. Usually the toughest negotiation of the day.

6.55am Breakfast with the boys and a quick sneak at my BlackBerry. Five-year-old son catches me and sneaks on me to the wife.

7.15am Drive to work flitting between Radio Five Live and CD of music from the film Crash.

7.45am Arrive at office, check e-mails, quick read of The Sun (voice of the people) and FT (voice of business) to check if any of our clients are in the news. Plan the day.

8.30am First meeting with the managing director of glue London.

9.30am Catch up with my boss (Nigel Sharrocks) on Q1 budget and some new-business opportunities.

11.00am Con call with the chief executive of our French office. Her English is a lot better than my French. Some would say it's a lot better than my English.

1.00pm Lunch with Chris White and Jonathan Wignall from Renault.

3.00pm Get Tube to Ealing for meeting with client that has just awarded us its media planning.

5.15pm Arrive back at agency and go for a walk round the media department. Banter with the team. I feel old - the average age at the agency is 26.

5.30pm Catch up on e-mails and return a few calls ... realise that I haven't spoken to the wife all day. Quick peek at Leeds Utd website.

6.00pm Meeting with Ben and Henry, who run Carat digital.

7.30pm Drive home to hopefully catch the boys before bed.

8.30pm Children in bed, so spend some time with my wife over a glass of wine discussing the difficulties of parenthood. My job is easy compared with my wife's.

9.15pm Supper in front of the TV catching up on ER thanks to Sky+.

10.30pm Rob Roydhouse, the chief executive of our New Zealand office, calls me to discuss meeting up in Cape Town a few days before our global conference in Sun City. The best bit of strategic planning that I have done all week.

11.00pm Final look at BlackBerry before disappearing to bed for a quick relaxing read of The Week and The Economist.

11.30pm Lights out and thoughts turn to tomorrow.