Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Nick Payne, The Workd Music and Sound

Name: Nick Payne

Job: Senior producer, The Works Music and Sound

Professional mission: To give the client what they want, what they might

want, what they don't want and what they ought to want if only they knew

what they wanted

Personal mantra: With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine

9.00am Clean, dressed and aching a little, I arrive at the office. Check the e-mails and get down to business. 9.30am Twelve out of the expected 13 demos are sitting on my desk for our latest Clemmow Hornby Inge project. I get on the phone to try to track down the missing piece but, alas, no reply from Mat the composer. Most composers lead double lives as either DJs or recording artists so they have a tendency to be rather elusive first thing in the morning.

10.00am Having listened to the 12 I do have, I put in a call to all involved and request changes to 11 of them. I've got to justify my fees somehow.

11.00am The mammoth task begins of dubbing the demos for presentation. All 12 need mixing with dialogue, sound effects, the editor's amusing voiceover and that catchy little ditty that enables us to recognise the brand. Still waiting for number 13 ... unlucky for some?

12.45pm The last of the demos is finally here. The phone rings and it's Mat. Softly spoken and with a sore head he begins to relay his antics from the album launch he attended last night, only to be cut short by me due to the courier I've got sitting in reception looking at his watch.

1.00pm Lunch. Grab a quick bite with a composer I've been trying to entice into a production deal. Laughs all round but I sense he's going to take a little more coaxing.

2.00pm The call I've been waiting (and praying) for ... we've won the Saatchi & Saatchi pitch for its new Carlsberg campaign and it's going worldwide, for two years. Lovely.

2.30pm Straight down to Saatchis to discuss the music.

3.30pm Head for the west London studio to address the comments from the creatives and set about producing mixes for their client meeting. Richard the composer is grinning like a Cheshire cat because it's his first global ad.

7.00pm Arrive back at the office to dub the revised music in time for the presentation tomorrow.

7.30pm Pick up my e-mails to find my earlier judgment was misplaced.

My potential new composer has agreed to come on board so I call him to discuss the finer points and promise him that his name will be up in lights before he knows it.