Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Nicola Mendelsohn, Karmarama

Name: Nicola Mendelsohn
Job: Partner, Karmarama
Professional mission: Work hard, be nice to people, play Ping-Pong(R)
Personal mantra Learn to play Ping-Pong(R)

5.10am Wake up four children and make them get dressed in matching jodhpurs for Glamour photo shoot for feature on working mothers who juggle.

5.11am Open 65 wardrobe doors in five dressing rooms. Can't find anything to wear.

6.30am Run for six seconds on treadmill. Thank goodness hair remains in place.

7.04am Morning nanny relieves night nanny. Review handover PowerPoint briefing for afternoon nanny.

8.10am Leave for Karmarama, bizarrely located in Olympia. Phone Foxtons.

9.30am Call from Angling Times. It wants to feature me in article on mothers who earn money by juggling.

10.05am Discuss new-business targets with my partners. Inform them of the 241 days in the Jewish calendar on which it is forbidden to pitch.

11.00am Dilemma. My PA, Ann, informs me Nelson (Mandela) on line one and Bill (Clinton) on line two. Who to speak to first?

11.30am Ring Campaign to start Garry Lace rumour.

11.45am Set up "women who juggle" Facebook group. Poke Nelson.

1.00pm to 4.13pm Lunch. The Ivy is now a major schlep, so need local alternative. Dave recommends Giovanni's Caff. Love Tuscan food.

4.15pm Dave, Sid and Ben all buzzing with ideas - quick brainstorm and I have a "to do" list that can't fit on one side of my Smythson pad.

4.22pm Worry that I have too much on my plate and not enough time. Is my work/life balance at risk? Decide to seek therapy in New Bond Street.

4.30pm In taxi. Foxtons calls back. Olympia is the new Shoreditch.

5.32pm Review pitch work. Appalled at excessive use of yellow in print campaign - so 2003. Tell Dave his error. He seems impressed.

6.00pm Norwegian TV station rings - they want a soundbite on what it's like to have four children, work and prepare a cordon bleu meal every night while juggling.

6.12pm Catch up with my new partners. Tell them they are all jolly talented, but I have to leave as I think it might be one of the kids' birthdays and I need to pop into The Dorchester on the way to meet ...