Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Noam Murro

Name: Noam Murro

Job: Director, Biscuit Filmworks, LA, represented by Independent

Professional mission: What do you mean?

Personal mantra: Get one

6:00am Fear (prostate problems?).

6:02am Fear (psychological problems?).

6:15am Coffee with Splenda and skim milk (organic and overpriced).

6:30am Wonder whose idea it was to have kids.

7:00am Javier, personal trainer, IQ 13 - highlight of the day.

7:01am I hate myself.

7:07am 25lb weights in each hand, I hate him.

8:15am 405 Freeway South. Packed. Wonder what crime I committed in past


10:00am Boards to go through. Sixteen colourful folders from Staples

office supply store: Green folder, soap commercial. Yellow folder,

detergent commercial. Blue folder, soap commercial. Purple folder, car

commercial. I like the orange ones. Why aren't there more orange ones?

Start to feel anxious.

10:01am Call Dr Phil Cohen, shrink. "Tell me more ..."

11:45am Storm passes. Bingeing in office kitchen.

1:00pm Lunch at Pinot Hollywood. Salmon, iced tea, flagrant flirting.


1:35pm "No dessert, you moron. Your cholesterol is 276."

2:30pm Check e-mail. Procrastinate. Check e-mail. Coffee. Procrastinate.

Check e-mail. Surf web. Go to Search


Manual knob or digital? Manual. Wait, no, digital. God bless


2:45pm Play with Barbie (not really).

3:15pm 405 Freeway North.

Blood-sugar level drops. Feel very Jewish. Catch glimpse of self in

rearview. Fear (physical problems?).

3:37pm Worry. Fantasise about girl in next car. Beethoven quartets.

5:05pm 405 Freeway North. Goddammit.

5:24pm Flair Cleaners. Hola! Wink at Spanish girl behind counter.

5:44pm Home. That's private. Piss off.

6:30pm Channel 9. COPS! Bad boy, bad boy, whatchagonnado? Love it.

7:25pm Drive to Nozawa Sushi in the Valley. Have you ever been to the

Valley? Have you seen Hiroshima?

7:30pm Stand in line for 15 minutes. Smile. Order from Sushi Nazi who

always decides for me anyway.

8:30pm Things start to get blurry. Lots of sake. Good sake. Cold sake. I

like sake.

9:15pm Put on silk pyjamas. Put dentures in glass. Put cold cream on

face. Put on eye mask. Clap, clap! Lights out. Night-night.