Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Norm Johnston, Modem Media Europe

Name: Norm Johnston Job: managing director, Modem Media Europe Professional mission: Delight our clients, their customers and my employees Personal mantra: Have fun. Seriously

6.30am Who moved my BlackBerry? I locate it and respond to the flow of overnight e-mails from the US.

7.00am The most stressful and rewarding time of day begins: getting my two children up, dressed, fed and off to school. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

8.30am Depending on the success of the previous phase, I arrive at Modem Media just early enough to claim the last of the bagel delivery.

9.00am Check my schedule for the day with my assiduous assistant, Nina. Then it's more e-mails and a quick meeting with the management team to discuss people and clients.

9.30am Check in with our key relationship leads and sit in on a creative review for Unilever. It's a treat. Great ideas flow freely when we communicate with each other often, and in person.

10.00am New-business meeting. We move from measurement and analytics to The Specials.

12.30pm Have lunch with old friends from our competitor agencies. We're in a small, fast-growing industry and we stick together (I pay, otherwise they won't turn up).

2.00pm The first wave of communication from the US arrives, as New York and Boston get out of bed. BlackBerry time.

2.30pm Have the pleasure of being in the room as our General Motors account team debates the merit of blogs with the client.

4.00pm The second wave of US communication hits as San Francisco sips its coffee (the only office to complain more about the weather than we do). Head honcho Martin Reidy has some great news.

4.30pm We're on a long call with HP's worldwide marketing folk and our global search engine marketing strategy is coming together nicely.

6.45pm Last-ditch attempt to clear e-mails before leaving the office.

7.15pm Make use of our creative director's membership at the Groucho Club for a client dinner. The guy on the door doesn't look convinced.

9.00pm Back home late, but the children are waiting for a bedtime story, much to my wife Chantal's frustration. Once again they demand a Spider-Man, Harry Potter and James Bond death duel (there are only five variations, but they haven't caught on yet).