Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Patrick Griffith, Work Club

Name: Patrick Griffith
Job: Planning partner, Work Club
Professional mission: Train your own
Personal mantra: Back yourself

Early Urggh. Have a scary dream about leaving my well-paid job in a brilliant agency to go it alone. Far too much cheese.

6.40am Slumber interrupted as my banker wife gets up for work. Back to sleep. I'm nicer when I'm rested.

8.00am Get up with headful of ideas. Send e-mail to team. They don't know I'm still in my pants.

8.30am Walk around the corner to Work Club's temporary home. The ten-minute commute is still a revelation to me.

8.40am Chat with Andy (Sandoz) about ideas for our founding client. We are loving the focus of having one client. Not sure that our bank manager feels the same, though.

9.12am Get on Facebook to play international headhunter.

9.25am The team arrive. Ten so far. We are starting to play with our new toy - planners, tech, creatives and clients in a big ideas soup. The brief is to invent things people actually want, not just ads they try to ignore.

11.00am Up Borough High Street to meet the architect at our motivatingly massive new space. Should meeting rooms be open and airy or small and intense? Martin (Brooks) is the claustrophobe to Andy's agoraphobe. We do agree on using blackboards for doors. Booking meeting rooms in chalk, not Outlook, feels like some sort of Cosmonaut-like common sense.

1.15pm Lunch with Flic, Work Club's first grad. She's at that brilliant sponge stage. In other words, I talk at her far too much.

1.50pm Take the Tube to client meeting with all our latest work. Andy and I are nervous. Every meeting feels like a pitch when you only have one client.

4.30pm Client meeting was great. We think they might even be starting to like us and our low-key style. New projects coming through, which will make the "ins & outs" spreadsheet look better.

5.05pm Back to Borough feeling chipper. Do a round of teas and run an "all-agency" debrief.

6.05pm Take everyone to our local to discuss first stab at the company vision. People sound excited about doing things differently.

8.20pm Get home. Chuck unused gym stuff into corner. Cook dinner.

8.40pm My wife returns from the bank. A daily reminder that us marketing folks have it easy. Even starting up is a cushy number compared with doing a proper job.