Close-up: 24 hours with ... Paul Phillips, AAR

Name: Paul Phillips
Job: Managing director, AAR
Professional mission: Make the money
Personal mantra: Enjoy it, it doesn't last

5.45am Alarm wakes me. Jump out of bed with a spring in my step.

7.00am Gym: spinning class.

7.05am Who am I kidding, I'm 46, not 26. I want to throw up.

8.30am The Wolseley for breakfast with new agency start-up. They tell me their proposition, which is media-neutral integrated thinking with digital at its heart. How original - that should stand out. Tell them it's crap. New business is about the work and people, everything else is window dressing.

10.00am Pop into office, catch up with e-mails. Decline invite to Champions League but accept golf at Gleneagles. Everyone OK? Carry on ...

11.00am Carluccio's to meet ad agency account man who wants to move into new business. Joke with him that success will be down to others while failure will reside at his office. He's not sure if I'm joking.

12.00pm Meet with marketing director for whom we have worked to take a brief for a new agency requirement.

12.30pm Agency ECD called to cancel our dinner at Murano; we chat and agree to reschedule.

12.35pm Call the wife.

1.00pm The Ivy for lunch with newly appointed agency chief executive. Am invited to Wembley, Twickenham and the Royal Opera House. Accept all three.

3.30pm Pop back to AAR Towers to check that everyone is OK and see if my invite to the Ryder Cup has come through. It will mean going over to the States, but then I can pop in on a few agencies while I'm there.

3.35pm Five-minute power nap.

5.35pm Wake up. Oops, missed the board meeting ... don't suppose anyone noticed.

6.00pm Sanderson Hotel Bar for drinks with executive search consultant who wants an opinion on a number of candidates and opportunities.

7.00pm Meet the wife for dinner at Murano - shame to waste the booking, and the ECD did offer to pay!

10.00pm Catch up with the kids, and tell them what a tough day it's been.

10.30pm Check diary for tomorrow: looks pretty similar to today - not sure how I'm going to cope.

5.50am Wake up. I had the strangest dream ...