Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Rebecca Morgan, Lowe London

Name: Rebecca Morgan
Job: Chief strategy officer, Lowe London
Professional mission: What I do today will be better than what I did
Personal mantra: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

5.35am Mmm ... someone is licking my ear. Ouch! Someone, or rather something, is now standing on my head. It's Holly, the dog. Elbow the husband in the ribs to let her out - and turn over.

8.30am I am now late. It's all Holly's fault. Not even time for a cup of tea before jumping on the back of the husband's motorbike for a lift into work. Prod him to ride faster all the way to Sloane Avenue.

9.05am Cup of tea and set about dispersing the Heathrow holding pattern that is a recurring feature outside my office. We land a few tricky briefs: I've still got it.

11.00am Pop in on my bearded neighbour, Ed Morris, to see what new goodies he's got stuck on his wall. Love the John Lewis digital idea - what was that about Lowe doing 60-second TV?

Noon Close my door and set about writing a creds deck for a meeting later this week. Bliss.

1.30pm Fancy some air. Pop out to Peter Jones. Heard that sitting on a gym ball is good for your "core" - aka podgy stomach - and know trusty PJ will have one.

2.00pm Return triumphant with said ball - a clearance bargain at £12.50. It's pink, but, hey, I can do girlie.

3.00pm Client meeting. They love the strategy - natch.

4.00pm Ming the Merciless, Ed's PA, has pumped up my ball, so we bounce it around the creative department before I try it out for size. Does my bum look big on this?

4.30pm Catch up with the team on top secret pitch. We have a blinding idea that will definitely win us the business.

6.00pm The search for brilliant planners continues. Is there anybody out there?

6.55pm A call from reception to say the husband is downstairs ready to whisk me home.

7.35pm The husband, still waiting in reception, is now threatening to leave without me so I fly downstairs.

10.00pm Time to indulge in nightly CSI addiction. Horatio is heroic as usual. Idly muse that there is a touch of the Robert Seniors about him.

11.30pm BlackBerry and bed, always in that order - and I sleep like the righteous.