Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Richard Marshall, Tullo Marshall Warren

Name: Richard Marshall
Job: Business development director, Tullo Marshall Warren
Professional mission: Create one of the most respected direct marketing
agency brands
Personal mantra: Never say never

6.45am Alarm goes off. Downstairs to make the tea and let the dogs into the garden.

7.00am Upstairs, tea for Katie (my wife) and struggle to rouse Emma (my daughter).

7.30am I'm washed and dressed and raring to go. Wish I could say the same for Emma.

7.45am Jump on motorbike, my antidote to the congestion charge and traffic jams.

8.25am Grab a coffee, sift through a stream of e-mails. A new pitch opportunity among a plethora of Viagra e-mails.

8.50am Call from Guillaume, our InterDirect Network partner in France. Wants us to validate some creative concepts for Visit London. Happy to oblige.

9.00am Meeting with Chris Freeland, our client service director, for a new-business status update. We've been busy on that front, but we work out how to balance pitches with existing client work. A juggling act for me and the CSD.

10.20am Call from reception: "Strange lady to see you who says she's from heaven and wants to talk about pet marketing." Hide in the creative department because she's clearly not all there.

10.30am A creds presentation to our new senior client at VisitBritain. I've read all the background, so I'm on the ball.

12.00pm Check e-mails again and catch up with Georgie, who works with me. She's my right-hand woman and I spend more time with her than I do with my wife.

1.00pm Lunch with Stuart Pocock from Agency Assessments. It's important for me to keep in contact with all the intermediaries, and it also gives me a chance for a bit of an industry gossip.

2.30pm Pitch rehearsal for some major international business. I act as pitch doctor, looking at it through the eyes of the client.

4.30pm Off on my motorbike to a credentials in West London (near my home) - no, I'm not skiving.

6.30pm Last call to Georgie and all's well.

7.00pm Arrive home, help prepare dinner but can't help Emma with her homework - it's too difficult.

8.30pm Catch up on the football and fall asleep in front of the TV. dreaming of an England victory.