Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Rob Smith, Chief executive, Farm

Name: Rob Smith
Job: Chief executive, Farm
Professional mission: Make working at Farm the best experience for
everybody we can
Personal mantra: Sounds exciting. How do I get one?

7.00am Alarm goes. Today, I need to write "24 hours with ...". Am going to try to do it properly (there's a first time for everything).

7.35am Shower, get dressed, support wife (Jo) bollocking the kids for something or other before they go to school, try to find iPod. Can't, steal eldest son's instead.

7.57am Just manage to catch the 7.56. Madly writing e-mails on BlackBerry and listening to Radiohead at same time. I'm sure there will be a health warning soon that the two will kill you when continually done simultaneously.

8.40am Arrive at Farm. Early birds are having a good gossip in the kitchen. I don't have any - subject the studio to my razor-sharp wit instead. They laugh politely.

9.00am The usual updates, e-mails, meetings, various "life and death" issues. My brother-in-law works for Channel 4 News and has been taken prisoner by the Taliban, which always puts things into context.

1.30pm Rush to The Ivy. I mean, Eat (same number of letters). Try to add some variety and not go for the tuna - but I just can't help it.

1.45pm Google "personal mantra". Something to do with Yogi comes up, but I expect not the Yogi I'm thinking of. The next link offers 43 pages of them. So that's where everyone else has got theirs from. They all read like those things that sound great, but are impossible to adhere to. Or that come out of Christmas crackers.

2.00pm Session to run through latest numbers. We need to finalise 2008 forecasts, as well as wrap up 2007. Make mental note that buzzwords like those help me sound like a financial genius.

4.00pm Put my Cello hat on to meet a prospect we are talking to about an acquisition. Really interesting conversation, I like them a lot. Do lots of listening, for a change.

5.30pm One of our clients is in. I'm not in the meeting, but afterwards we decide to have a quick drink and head for Sketch. I mean, Northumberland Arms.

8.00pm Noel from Campaign wants me to write about walking home after the client evening when a gust of wind blew the bag of chips out of my hand - but that's cheating, as it happened in December.

10.30pm E-mail this to him instead. Then settle in for the night and tune into Question Time. I mean ...