Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Robert Senior, SSF Group

Name: Robert Senior
Job: UK chief executive, SSF Group
Professional mission: Spread a little happiness
Personal mantra: Healthy body, healthy mind

5.00am Wake up, slip into lycra one-piece and running shoes. Hooray, another day of being me.

5.02am Admire physique in mirror.

5.10am Morning run (half marathon).

5.50am Home for 1,000 crunches.

5.53am Hop on to magic scales. I have the metabolic age of a pre-pubescent boy.

6.00am Rouse family. Brief them on their tasks for today and send them on pre-breakfast route march.

8.19am Daily head massage and blow dry at The Lounge. Ferdia comments on what a lovely shade of strawberry blonde I am, likening me to Paul Bettany.

8.35am Arrive at Saatchi & Saatchi feeling perky.

8.36am Remember I should be at Fallon.

8.40am Sprint through Noho.

8.43am At Fallon, consume banana on toast and full fat venti cinnamon latte. I have the metabolism of an athlete so I can eat anything.

10.07am Write brilliant campaign under my pseudonym Juan Cabral.

11.15am Tricky client meeting ahead. Ask Mel to light some scented candles in the boardroom to help alleviate any tension.

12.33pm Candles seem to have done the trick. Or maybe it was Laurence and Richard's contribution. Head to the gym.

2.05pm Go for power walk around the building. Home in on account manager and bore him with a story about selling creative work.

2.30pm Life coach arrives for weekly session. Life coach leaves better for the experience.

3.32pm Call new MD Mike Rebelo in Singapore. Tell him how great it's going to be for him to work with me. Read him bedtime story.

3.43pm Arrive late to a creative review, run on the spot and talk for ten minutes without drawing breath. Kate shoots me a look, Paul asks me to leave.

5.38pm Run into session with planners. Richard is already in full flow. He's very young looking. I wonder if he's had botox?

6.10pm Not sure which shoes to wear for black tie charity dinner tonight. Turn to new-business director for advice.

7.31pm Network furiously until ejected from Grosvenor House.

4.13am Jog home.

4.55am Power nap.

5.00am Wake up. Slip into lycra one piece and running shoes. Hooray, another day of being me.