Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Rory Sutherland, The Ogilvy Group

Name: Rory Sutherland
Job: Vice-chairman, The Ogilvy Group
Professional mission: To find anyone or anything that can be useful,
funny or sexy
Personal mantra: Courtier, court jester, courtesan (everything we do
should aim to be at least one of these)

5.15am Nurse my BMW 740i through the pre-dawn traffic, and prepare myself for the day ahead.

5.30am Holmes Place (swimming pool) - my usual 80 lengths.

6.45am Meeting to compare penis size with Jim Stengel, Charles Dunstone, Willy Walsh. I still win, despite effects of the swim. Judging by this column, most people's days start a bit like this. Only problems are I'm not an account man, and I'm at home with flu. So ...

8.30am Lemsip and pork pie.

8.32am Wave five-year-old daughters off to school.

11.52am Delivery man pulls up.

11.56am Ooh! Package arrives from Amazon. Centuries of Success by William T O'Hara is about the world's oldest family businesses. Zildjian (maker of the hi-hat cymbal) was founded in 1623 by an Armenian alchemist and is still run by a Mr Zildjian.Brand managers, however, seem to move on after 18 months.

12.30pm Get laptop. I refuse to have a BlackBerry, the quality of the written word is more important than the speed of reply. Watching someone write with a BlackBerry is like watching Edward Scissorhands masturbating. The implements are wholly unsuitable for the purpose.

1.20pm iTunes store has a new personalisation thingy called "Just for You" - recommends Catatonia and The Essential Dylan Thomas on audiobook for me. iTunes knows I'm Welsh.

1.50-1.51pm Have idea for client. Only billable minute of my day.

3.30pm Countdown is so much easier with Sky+.

4.00pm Recruitment for Ogilvy Interactive. Phone everyone whose name has a "Z" in it.

6.00pm Open gates to next delivery man. When having a huge TV delivered, make sure the wife is out.

6.05-9.00pm Argue about "the TV dominating the room". My wife thinks TVs shouldn't do this. Devise a "Feminised Selling Proposition", telling her LCD TVs irradiate children far less than conventional ones (I'm grateful for my Ogilvy training).

9.00pm Retrieve laptop, stolen by one of my daughters to listen to her bedtime podcasts.

9.01pm-01.00am E-mail myself to sleep.