Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Seb Royce, glue London

Name: Seb Royce
Job: Creative director, glue London
Professional mission: Fight the power
Personal mantra: Shut up and dance

6.45am Wake, having dreamt about mud wrestling with two Cannes Cyber Lions. It's erotic. Stick on my Nike+ and run for the bus - 4.8 seconds faster than yesterday.

8.00am Jump off and almost collide with a young couple falling out of the "mash up bar" in our building. It's Monday morning and they're steaming. Literally. They could be Kate and Pete, but I can't really tell under the asymmetric haircuts.

8.01am Brush past someone from Mother - feel a bolt of creativity shoot through me.

8.02am Spot a poo on the pavement outside the agency. I suspect it might be human. You wouldn't find that in Soho. It's what makes Shoreditch so special.

9.00am Someone's leaving. She came to see me this morning. Been offered 28 times her salary to become the executive creative director (digital) of a famous traditional agency. I'm shocked. But what can I do? It's a great opportunity for our receptionist.

11.30am One of our new designers tips me off about a flash-mobbing taking place at Liverpool Street, where everyone goes dressed as their favourite bathroom accessory. Sounds wild. I wrap myself in loo roll and head down there. He must have got the date wrong as there isn't a sink or loo brush in sight.

2.00pm Attend conference called "Digital - Evolution or Revolution?". Learn that consumers are in control now and get a free memory stick and pen. Inspiring stuff.

3.30pm Gaze out of the window as the swimming pool for the new Shoreditch House private members' club is lifted on to the roof of our building. Wonder again if I should have put Scarface as my favourite film on the application form.

4.00pm Working on a 3D viral personalised interactive holographic piece. It may only be a banner, but what a banner. I feel alive. Cut me and I'd bleed Flash.

5.00pm One of our competitors has come up with an application where you pour tea into the microphone on your PC and it fills a cup on screen. I'm not sure it will catch on, but the trade press seem to love it.

7.00pm Off to "The Digerati Party" at The Vibe Bar. Tonight everyone had to bring an invisible record and play it backwards. Think about going on to "Snog My Blog" round the corner afterwards, but decide against it. It will just be full of planners.