Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Simon Carter, Thomas Cook UK & Ireland

Name: Simon Carter
Job: Executive director marketing, Thomas Cook UK & Ireland
Professional mission: Establish Thomas Cook as the leading travel
company in the UK ... if not the world
Personal mantra: Work horizontally

7.00am Woken up by my youngest son, Francis (nine) - better than any alarm clock.

7.10am Check BlackBerry.

7.45am Me time. Drive to work in what my wife, Suzanne, calls my midlife crisis car - my Porsche 911.

8.00am Call to Jackie, my PA, to run through today's schedule.

8.24am Grab coffee and straight into 3M meeting - marketing management meeting - with my five direct reports.

9.00am Update with team handling the rebrand following our merger with MyTravel - we've more than 300 Going Places stores to rebrand as Thomas Cook, 40 aeroplanes, a whole heap of overseas material and untold pieces of stationery.

10.00am Help myself to doughnut brought in by one of my advertising managers - it's her birthday.

10.05am Run through schedule for next week's group strategy session in Frankfurt.

10.30am Fire off e-mail to HR approving another set of job descriptions. Post-merger, I need to double the size of my team.

11.42am One-to-one with retail merchandising executive. Try to make sure I meet with everyone in the team every couple of months.

12.15pm Lunch ... another doughnut.

12.47pm Informal staff huddle - a chance to update them on current status of restructure.

1.15pm Review presentation from my direct marketing team.

2.02pm Another coffee (and doughnut), essential stimulation before I head into trading meeting, to review this week's sales.

3.24pm Check in with Jackie ... need to review new media brief for our biggest campaign of the year. Another doughnut ...

3.34pm Update meeting with financial services team - review of roll-out of Thomas Cook-branded foreign exchange bureaus at a number of UK airports.

4.41pm Review point-of-sale strategy for the new Thomas Cook credit card ... good creative.

5.35pm Take call from head of mainstream product wanting to bounce ideas off me about new destinations.

6.35pm Home. Time with my boys.

10.45pm Respond to e-mail from corporate communications director. Note to self: no more doughnuts.