Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Simon McMaster, Tequila\

Name: Simon McMaster
Job: Director of digital, Tequila\
Professional mission: Turning Tequila\ into an agency of 180 digital
Personal mantra: You're never too old to learn new tricks

6.30am Awake. Small voice in my ear asks whether it is time to get up - I suppose it is. Son Zachary to blame. Ask him to keep the noise down, but too late, as my other son Oscar has started to jump and squeal in his cot. Wife is now stirring. Danielle still wishes she'd married a banker so the boys could have been called Piers and Rupert.

7.30am Drag myself into shower and start thinking about shelf wobblers just in case digital is just a fad.

8.30am Don combat trousers and grab longboard ready to take Zach to school. Bribe of scooting/skating to school always works. Downside is having to continue to work looking like disco granddad. At least I will fit in with the young hip and phat digital lot.

10.30am Daily team meeting. Feel like I'm back at home as am surrounded by half the southern hemisphere. Review workload and resourcing - loads to do, so invariably need more resource.

11.00am Have conference call with our Singapore, Sydney, Los Angeles and New York offices to discuss recruitment and staff movement. More irony, but in a good way.

12.00pm Grab a sandwich and surf the web. Wonder if large-scale social networking sites have a future - visit Ladbrokes site to try to put money on Facebook seeing a downturn this year.

2.00pm Conference call with New York office working with us on yet another global RFI. Discover that when they say someone in London needs to write a doc, that means me. Wonder how I can break the news at home that I may have to work this weekend.

3.00pm Off one call, on to the next - this time Global Digital Planning ring to discuss new briefs and the bedding in of a new client based in Singapore but run out of London. Argue for next face-to-face meeting to be Sydney, as I have to go to New Zealand for the obligatory trip home to keep the family happy.

4.30pm Rest of the day disappears into a smorgasbord of e-mails and meetings.

7.00pm Transform into disco granddad for trip home. Fortunately, rain prevents fashion travesty. Call cab instead.