Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Stephen Hess, Weapon7

Name: Stephen Hess
Job: Managing partner, Weapon7
Professional mission: Make it worthwhile
Personal mantra: Try

3.00am A foot pokes me in the eye. Wake up. Panic. Wonder why my son is spinning like a rotor blade in our bed, narrowly missing my wife's head. Get up. Pee. Brush teeth. Realise it's 3.00am. Back to bed, play chicken with the human rotator.

7.00am Tea and banana. Negotiate with my family the need to get out of the house, and that I have important work to do.

8.30am Interview an interesting digital project manager who wants to learn more about advertising.

9.30am Coffee at Starbucks. Coffee-flavoured milk. Expensive.

9.35am Creative review with our new creative director, and partner Mark (Brown). Walk in excited, walk out amazed. How do they do it?

11.15am Call with our PR guru.

11.30am Orange client presentation. Try to use PowerPoint to bring an interactive concept to life. Fail. Ask everyone to close eyes and explain. Almost succeed. Consider banning computer-aided presentations. Head to desk and look up Cirque du Soleil. Apparently, it runs immersive presentation workshops.

12.30pm Lunch at desk. Leon, a food sensation. It's all about the experience. I queue for at least 20 minutes. I'm sure it does an on-demand service. If not, it should.

2.00pm Conference call with US partners. I'm sure the reason business air travel is growing is because it's impossible to understand what anyone says.

3.30pm Coffee. The canteen in our office has a proper Gaggia coffee machine. The whole team has learned how to make coffee.

3.35pm Call a US client.

4.00pm Decline coffee.

4.01pm Reconsider and help make coffee for all interested parties.

4.05pm Review a new client proposal.

4.07pm Review budget and forecast.

4.08pm Review results of a campaign.

4.09pm Run up and down the stairs five times to remove caffeine from my system before placing a call.

5.00pm (They are big stairs.) Grab Mark and jog into the meeting room before the call.

6.00pm Interview an above-the-line account manager wanting to learn about TV advertising in the future.

7.00pm Management meeting. Talk about the digital divide, the power of interactivity, world domination, the influence of TV and network versus hub agency structures.

7.05pm Dinner with media agency.

11.59pm Sneak into bed, play chicken with human rotor blade.