Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Steve Aldridge, Parnters Andrews Aldridge

Name: Steve Aldridge
Job: Creative partner, Partners Andrews Aldridge
Professional mission: Good enough never is
Personal mantra: Treat others as you would expect to be treated

7.00am The delightful Lauren Laverne coaxes me into the new day.

7.30am In the gym. Hate running, hate rowing, hate cycling, hate the thought of the fat man inside escaping.

9.30am Desk. Eat muesli, wish it were Sugar Puffs. Drink green tea, wish it were espresso. Make dent in e-mails. Delete "off sick" e-mails. I think London has more sickness now than during the 1665 plague.

10.00am Wade through builders' quote with Phil Andrews trying to figure out how many of the groovy ideas we can keep.

10.30am Drop in on creative team to look at some new ideas, discuss England squad.

10.45am Review meeting with Shaun Moran, creative director. Agree some work I'm taking to a meeting with a client for a pitch. Make the head of art re-draw a layout while the cab waits outside.

11.00am Cab to the City. I love meetings in the City - they remind me how beautiful London is. This client has an art collection the Tate would kill for.

12.45pm Back at agency. Visit studio to discover it took four people to decipher handwriting.

1.00pm Soho House for lunch. Meet Scott Garrett,the marketing director of Williams Formula One Racing. Get the inside scoop on the Schumacher stunt at the Monaco Grand Prix.

3.00pm-ish Pull together a presentation on "how to do great DM" for meeting midday tomorrow. Can I write "give us a great brief"?

4.30pm Debrief team on this morning's meeting. They have moved the work on so far there's nothing left for me to say.

5.30pm Sit down with Shaun to discuss potential new creative team. Lots of expletives and general whining about shortage of talent.

7.45pm Work through tomorrow's presentation. Decide seven rules of DM sounds cleverer than ten.

8.15pm Get a call from the light of my life, who is swinging through Soho Square.

8.30pm Sitting in a basement bar, Opium I think, listening to a Streets sound-alike sound check.

12.00am Make it home having whined (some more) and dined. Throw on 461 Ocean Boulevard (on vinyl) and start the party ...

12.30am Catch a glimpse of my trainers by the door ready for the morning and slink off to bed.