Close-Up: 24 Hours with ... Stuart Archibald, Archibald Ingall Stretton

Name: Stuart Archibald
Job: Partner, Archibald Ingall Stretton
Professional mission: Come up with ideas that will help transform my
clients' businesses
Personal mantra: Don't screw people over

3.00am Get in from Little Italy after a fine night of dancing and sambucca with some ex-clients. Appear to have ruined one of my ties with the stuff.

6.00am Up with The Clash - the only thing that will rouse me out of bed.

6.30am On the Tube to the office. Since I became a trustee of The Climate Group, I don't get taxis or ride the Harley to work any more.

7.00am Work through my e-mails, which include one about a talk I'll be giving in Australia. A client suggests my flight will not do the environment any good. She advises using a pedalo to get to Sydney.

8.30am Weekly meeting with my partners, Jon Ingall and Steve Stretton. We discuss opportunities in Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Mumbai for the outsourcing of online production. We also talk through plans for our corporate social responsibility policy. Clients suggest this will become a major consideration in the future.

10.00am A meeting with Katrina, one of our account handlers, who is helping me prepare the agency to go carbon-neutral on World Environment Day.

12.00pm Time to review some concepts for an important client job. While Steve would never use any of my ideas, he will always listen. Well, until I have left his office.

1.00pm-3.00pm Finalise my Australia presentation. While I nip to the loo, Steve scribbles all over it, suggesting it's boring.

3.00pm Call Mary Newcombe at Skoda to catch up on the latest sales figures and how our work is performing. Skoda has been a client of ours since we founded and Mary is a great person to work with.

4.00pm Meet one of our 02 clients for a brief on something that's a new area for both of us. 02 is exploring a lot of new stuff in the digital and mobile areas, which is fascinating for me.

6.00pm One of my favourite clients pops by to suggest a drink. Naturally, I decline.

6.05pm In The Mortimer having a drink with said favourite client.

8.00pm Dinner with Alison Lucas, the communications director of TCG. We discuss the study we are launching on consumers' attitudes to brands and climate change.

10.00pm Crash out at home. In the old days, I would have been back to Little Italy.