Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Terry Savage, Executive chairman, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

Name: Terry Savage
Job: Executive chairman, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival
Professional mission: Champion creativity at all levels of business
Personal mantra: Balance is everything

5.00am Wake up. Just arrived from Sydney, jet lag at play. Ring my wife, Cheryl, and daughter, Tori, to say good morning. Check e-mails.

7.00am Arrive at office. Bacon and eggs at the cafe across the road - better than in Oz. Check delegate registration stats, more e-mails.

8.30am Meet with the chief executive, Phil Thomas, to run through Festival planning issues. All seems on track.

9.30am Meet with the publisher and editor of the Lions Daily. Lots happening during the Festival, so we need to ensure that it is aware of all events.

10.30am Call from Palais des Festivals. Building work causing problems. Now off track. In-depth discussions, hopefully fixed.

10.45am E-mail confirming problem at Palais has been overcome. Back on track, but still left wondering what will we be greeted with ...

11.00am Check the delegate registration stats.

11.30am Conference call with the Carlton Hotel about the Galas. Decide to increase the Champagne order.

12.30pm Meeting with the Festival director, Carolyn Lowery, and the management team for any last-minute reviews of issues.

1.30pm Call our production team in Paris about some staging issues.

2.00pm Check the delegate registration stats.

2.30pm Just been told that there are some late jury withdrawals because of sickness. Off track.

3.00pm Discuss replacements and make calls to respective agencies.

4.00pm Sign 190 Jury certificates, 145 Young Creative certificates, 30 Academy certificates.

4.30pm Receive calls from agencies confirming jury replacements.

5.00pm Start selection process of people to be invited to Mayor's Box.

6.00pm Call with Young & Rubicam New York about Al Gore seminar.

7.00pm Update meeting with Thomas and Lowery.

8.00pm Check the delegate registration stats.

8.10pm Leave office with 20 people still there who will be toiling away until midnight registering delegates and preparing for the event.

9.05pm Ring my wife for an early morning wake-up in Oz.

9.30pm Room service. Bed.

2.30am Call from Australian journalist who didn't realise I was in London.