Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Tim Bleakley, Viacom Outdoor

Name: Tim Bleakley
Job: Joint managing director, Viacom Outdoor
Professional mission: For Viacom Outdoor to become the UK's number-one
media brand for capturing and captivating consumers on the move
Personal mantra: Do something. Make something happen. It's doing nothing
that kills you

6.00am One of the little Bleakleys - George, Jack or Ella - pads in and announces it's a new day.

7.15am Take cup of tea to wife, Clare.

7.20am Shower, shave and banter with kids, who pester me for breakfast combo of Cheerios, Crunchy Nuts and Weetabix.

7.45am Say my goodbyes. Stroll up Finchley Road hoping to cadge a lift with partner-in-crime Andy Oldham. Just miss him, so catch the 31 bus.

8.30am Breakfast presentation at the Beck Centre, our home-built Tube station, where we are showcasing the "best in class" of new static and digital advertising displays. My PA, Lynsey, greets me armed with a strong black coffee.

10.00am Meeting with colleagues on inventory and pricing strategy - higher, no higher ...

11.00am Get together with joint managing director and finance director to discuss budgets, the target, the task, flash forecasts, E2 and E3. It's a fun meeting as we're hitting the lot (almost).

12.15pm Bounce round to see the marketing team, the sales director and anyone who'll listen. Come up with eight ideas. Marketing director spots the only good one.

1.00pm Back to the Beck Centre for a client lunch and another presentation. Move outside to show off recently purchased double-decker that has undergone a "pimp my bus" transformation.

2.30pm Take a call from a specialist who asks if their client can have another look at the Beck Centre as they have got some ideas.

3.00pm Deal with e-mail backlog. Congratulate Impact team on hitting target with a 38 per cent year-on-year increase.

5.30pm Back to the Beck Centre to do final tour of the day, this time with a trade mag media editor. He patiently listens to the spiel and asks forensic-style questions.

6.30pm Retire with him to The Engineer with the sales director, Peter Charlton, and the head of communications, Jo Tomlin.

8.00pm Home alone as family have now disappeared off to France for the rest of the school hols.

8.30pm Back garden. Beer. BlackBerry.

10.00pm News at Ten. Bed.