Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Tim Bonnet, Tequila\London

Name: Tim Bonnet
Job: Chief executive, Tequila\London
Professional mission: Do things differently
Personal mantra: Surround yourself with great people

6.45am Wake up to daily threesome with Sarah and Jim or Carolyn and John (from the Today programme on Radio 4, before you ask). Hit snooze; nine more minutes in bed.

7.15am Porridge to stop the mid-morning bacon sandwich craving.

7.50am Look out of the window to see which mode of transport I haven't left at the office after a couple of beers. Scooter it is.

8.30am Catch up on gossip from last night with the company mascot, Pete. Sure he lives in the building.

9.00am Meet with Alex and Matt, my counterparts at and TBWA\, to talk about integration.

9.30am Succumb to a bacon sarnie. Porridge not working.

10.00am Review latest creative for The Carbon Trust.

10.30am Get dragged out by Vanessa ("ever-efficient PA"), who shouts at me for messing up the whole day by over-running already.

10.45am Meeting with Simon, our digital director, about recruitment.We employ most of the southern hemisphere in digital department.

1.00pm Bump into Fergus from our Manchester office as I gatecrash the meeting rooms to steal lunch.

2.00pm Conference call with Jeremy (the worldwide chief executive in New York), Kristi, Phil and Ewan, my counterparts in Los Angeles, Singapore and Paris. Kristi is still in bed and Phil is in a bar. Discuss network growth, positioning, new biz and, importantly, the venue for the next worldwide conference.

3.00pm Confirm with Sheyan, one of our global account directors, his transfer to Shanghai.

3.15pm Read through a tender by our well-oiled new-biz team.

4.00pm Say hello to Lord Puttnam (a shameless namedrop) as we're filming a podcast on the integrity of an idea.

4.30pm Spot our Army client. Have a catch-up about Imagini, a new image- based profiling system we are introducing for them. Notice they are here en masse. Never seen so much burgundy corduroy in one place - their civilian camouflage.

6.30pm Head off to bingo in Tooting with Kate, the group marketing director of Gala Coral Group.

9.00pm Get a full house. Can't think what to shout, embarrassingly scream: "Tequila!"

10.30pm Cab home with an extra £50 in my pocket. Happy days (but no scooter ...).