Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Tim Duffy, M&C Saatchi

Name: Tim Duffy
Job: Chief executive, M&C Saatchi
Professional mission: Unwritten
Personal mantra: Unstated

7.00am Panic about writing "24 hours with ..." Shall I tell the truth? Decide I'll write it today. Yes, I will.

7.30am Unsatisfactory breakfast.

8.00am Wandsworth Road is hell. Nearly collide with a huge BMW with an RW1 number plate. Surely it can't be, not from South of the river ...

8.30am Flick through old issues of Campaign and read loads of "24 hours with ..." Everyone seems to be woken by little Jemima at 6.00am. Don't they have alarm clocks? Marvel at the elevated lives of big knobs in the industry. Work out that, on average, they have two chemistry meetings, sign off one major campaign, have one board meeting, one pitch and one dinner and still make time to catch up with the latest on YouTube. Decide they aren't big knobs, but lying bastards!

9.00am Argue about management office plans. I want more space, and a chair that doesn't get nicked for meetings every time I stand up.

9.30am Client meeting. Straightforward agenda, should be able to bash through it in an hour.

10.30am Barely past the first point.

11.30am Please no-one have any other business.

12.15pm Free! Coffee with Moray. Sort out ten things in ten minutes.

1.30pm Spot Paul Hammersley and Robert Senior in a new sandwich shop. Turns out to be the world's most expensive. Resolve never to go there again. Bump into Julian Hough, who fails to persuade me to throw away the sandwich and have lunch at Alistair Little. Spot Nick Hurrell coming out of Benji's with the £1.79 special (hot sausage roll and a diet Fanta!).

2.00pm Aargh! Still yet to write "24 hours with ..." Look at new ITV and Lucozade work with Graham Fink.

3.00pm Spend couple of hours on COI pitch. Hear Richard Alford muttering something about seagull management on his way out.

5.15pm Meeting with Moray. We agree on most points, but leave big question unresolved - why so many wispy beards on the under-25s?

5.50pm Wispy bearded account director wanders in. Mumbles about his client, but I can't decipher it due to loathsome hair on his face.

6.45pm Shareholders' drinks meeting. What a group of wise, sassy financial wizards they are.

8.30pm Wandsworth Road. Not much better.

9.00pm Unsatisfactory football match. Bash out article at half-time.

11.00pm Re-read it and wish I'd lied.