Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Tom Gibson, Saatchi & Saatchi London

Name: Tom Gibson
Job: Graduate trainee, Saatchi & Saatchi London
Professional mission: Planning gold in 2012
Personal mantra: Follow your heart

6.45am Wake up. It's my sixth week working at Saatchi & Saatchi. I still can't believe I am working here.

8.38am Arrive at work. Remind myself "nothing is impossible" as I walk up the steps.

8.39am Awkward silence in lift - I need to make some friends.

9.15am Quick catch-up with Richard Huntington. He is mentoring me.

10.00am Have a lucid moment as Richard snaps his fingers and says: "And you're back in the room." Feel strangely enlightened.

10.12am Read blogs. Planners are "just intelligent, talentless people, trying to find themselves a cool job". Sounds good to me.

11.33am Passive smoking with account manager. I should give up.

11.42am Trawl through notes from last week's qual groups and discuss thoughts with Martin Smith, the other planning new boy.

1.03pm Lunch with fellow grad Christian, who claims to have pulled another account director last night. Plot how to take over the advertising world together.

1.57pm Chat with my next door neighbour. Debate whether the Natural Confectionery ads are brilliant or not.

2.30pm Another catch-up with Richard. He waves his arms in the air and uses a lot of analogies. Wonder how long it would take me to grow my sideburns.

4.07pm Present my findings from the qual group. Discuss strategy for the campaign. Excited with how we are progressing. Can't believe people are listening to me.

5.18pm Find a flatshare on Gumtree that I can afford on my grad wage. It's on the Rockingham Estate in Elephant & Castle. I'm not from round here but it sounds nice. Arrange to meet my new flatmate at a petrol station on the Old Kent Road. Can't wait to meet him.

7.07pm Meet up with some friends at Canary Wharf for a quick drink. We regale each other with stories from university. I leave smug in my decision to become an adman and not a bean-counter, despite the salary differences.

11.44pm Home, microwave meal.

12.02am Check e-mails, Facebook and watch an interesting talk by Seth Godin on

12.39am Go to bed safe in the knowledge HR hasn't realised its mistake in hiring a chemistry grad.

12.42am Sleep.