Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Tom Hings, Royal Mail

Name: Tom Hings
Job: Director of brand marketing, Royal Mail
Professional mission: Build business equity into the Royal Mail brand
Personal mantra: It will do - won't do!

5.45am Alarm goes off. Shave and jump in the shower.

6.20am Wake my two boys up out of their respective "pits".

6.35am Grab breakfast (apple and healthy cereal bar) and drive to Wellingborough train station. Switch on usual staple of Five Live.

7.05am Take my seat on train and open up laptop to write the first of the day's e-mails.

8.10am Flick through Metro while on bus to Old Street.

8.30am Arrive at Group HQ and have pre-meet with Andrew Hammond, my head of marcoms, before our 9.00am meeting with Adam Crozier.

9.45am Meeting has gone well. Jump in cab and head over to our offices in Rathbone Place.

10.20am Join cross-functional meeting to review and agree training and development for sales and marketing teams.

12.15pm Buy sandwich and apple, consumed while walking to Stukeley Street office where my department and I are based.

12.45pm Sign letters and review diary commitments for remainder of the week with my PA.

1.00pm Call Farah Ramzan Golant at Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. Get voicemail and leave message.

1.30pm Talk to Kathryn McNamara, the head of brand, about my meeting with the new Royal Mail managing director, Mark Higson.

2.00pm Meeting with Tim Hamill (head of ad agency relationships) to discuss his plans for 2008/09.

3.00pm Do more e-mails and remind myself of resolution to have more face-to-face communication.

4.00pm Join team meeting with sales director to discuss content for customer presentations.

5.45pm Catch up with HR manager regarding the appointment of new head of environmental solutions.

6.25pm Board train home. Open laptop and revisit unopened e-mails.

7.15pm Farah returns my call.

7.45pm Sit down with Victoria, my wife, for dinner.

8.30pm Help my daughter with her homework. I can't answer some of the maths questions.

9.00pm Kiss kids goodnight and tuck them into bed.

9.15pm Do personal mails. Then scour the net for cheap flights to Venice for romantic weekend away.

10.00pm Watch BBC News.

10.45pm Bed.