Close-Up: 24 hours with ... Will Orr, WCRS

Name: Will Orr
Job: Managing director, WCRS
Professional mission: To make sure WCRS delivers on its promises
Personal mantra: I don't have one

6.50am Alarm goes off to the sound of John Humphrys. Stagger to the kitchen and prepare two different-sized bottles of milk. Get Felix and George in our bed. Attempt to get a cuddle from two-and-a-half-year-old. I normally get elbowed in the face.

7.15am Put on layers of embarrassing Lycra cycling gear and set off on my bike. I started cycling to work last summer, and it's the best thing I ever did.

8.00am Shower at Third Space. I've never used it for anything other than a shower. A shower costs around £5. Try to avoid being seen naked by David Kershaw, Paul Hammersley or any other ad titans. Try to avoid seeing Julian Hough naked.

8.30am Weekly breakfast with Leon, Yan, Luke and Matthew Palmer. It's Luke's first day back from paternity leave. We talk about his new daughter and various work-related things. The breakfasts are always fun and useful.I'm fortunate to work with people I really like.

9.30am Talk to Josie about my diary; do e-mails. Talk to Matt Edwards about doing "24 Hours With ...".

10.30am Talk to Simon Peck about a pitch we're doing and how to staff an account.

11.30am Sit nervously as we present what I think is a really brilliant script to a huge number of clients. Time stands still as we await feedback. They all love it. Quick, get out before anyone changes their mind.

12.30pm Talk to Robin about 118 118. The man is still full of ideas after 40 years in the business.

1.00pm Go to Kulu Kulu on my own - the ultimate lunch-time experience.

2.00pm Drive with Liz Darran to a client meeting with Sky.

3.00pm Meeting with Sky to present some creative work. Our clients are competitive and demanding, but they're always open to new ideas, and always treat us like a partner.

6.00pm Interview a candidate.

7.00pm Get Lycra'd up and pedal home in the dark. You should try it.

7.30pm Get home to see Felix, who's nodding off in his bed.

8.30pm Have dinner with my wife, Charlie. She's just left Fallon to retrain as a gardener. I much prefer talking about plants than the latest pitch/award Fallon has won. (She used to wear a T-shirt in bed with "We are Fallon" on it to rub it in.)

10.30pm Watch the news.

11.00pm Go to bed and count my blessings - one of my New Year's resolutions.