Close-Up: 24 Hours with... Gary Martin

Name: Gary Martin

Job: Voiceover artist and voice of the Honey Monster

Professional mission: To voice a major movie for Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks etc

Personal mantra: All things in moderation, including moderation

6.45am: Attempt to muster up energy to enter gym, with Sarah Kennedy (Radio 2). Twenty minutes on the treadmill plus a few weights. Then shower with Terry Wogan. Tea and a banana, then off to the station.

8.15am: Tube to White City. Make notes for interview this morning.

9.00am: Interview in front of camera for Red Dwarf VII Special Edition DVD, about my character Epideme. Chat with Chloe Annett "Kochanski", she had her new baby with her.

10.55am: Back on Central Line, animation script to go over for Friday.

Arrive: Oxford Circus, walk to Poland Street.

11.30am: Recorded two 30-second trailers for the animated film Robots.

12.10am: Grab a sandwich at Pret, then off to Wildtracks studios.

12.30pm: Voice Porky Pig for Cartoon Network. But that's not all folks!

1.45pm: Call Clair and Jennifer, my agents at Shining Management. An hour to kill. HMV has a sale on. Buy DVDs for me and CDs for my teenage sons, Adam and Kristian.

2.50pm: Clair calls. Have to get to Sky TV after next session (and I thought I'd be having a beer with my mate Casey by five). Call Casey, made it next week.

3.00pm: Silk Sound studios.

Voiceover for the DVD release of Boo Zino & the Snurks. (Yesterday it was cereals and horror movies, today cartoons!) 4.10pm Hot journey on Tube to Sky Television in Osterley. Listen to Spanish homework on mp3.

5.00pm: Alex has a number of promos for me to voice in Audio 1.

7.00pm: Head home.

7.40pm: Turbo and Poppy, our German Shepherds, greet me.

8.00pm: Nice cold beer, some food and chat with Sal, my wife, and the boys, to see how their day had gone. Watch the news. Check e-mails for jobs next day. First job 11.30. Can sleep in! Scripts to download. Return calls.

10.00pm: Family vote on what to watch. I thought we could watch one of the DVDs I bought, but out-voted, we watch Desperate Housewives.

11.30pm: Off to bed. My Spanish homework is beckoning, but manana! Th tha th tha that's all folks!

6.45am: 24hr - main text.

7.30am: 24hr - main text.

8.15am: 24hr - main text.

8.30am: 24hr - main text...