Close-Up: 24 Hours with... Jonathan Webb

Job: Director of programming for Flextech TV's Bravo, Challenge and Trouble channels

Professional mission: To make people laugh, think and dream

Personal mantra: To have it all

6.15am: Wake up to Radio Five Live. Curse the fact I moved to Brighton three years ago, roll over and pretend I can lie in for another hour.

7.16am: Jump on to the Brighton Express and ignore the disapproving glances as I strap my bicycle into the carriage. Flick through The Guardian's Media section and The Independent's Media Weekly and then spend the rest of the journey scouring Entertainment Weekly and The Hollywood Reporter. Tempted to check the BlackBerry but stick to the "no e-mail before 9am" rule.

9.00am: Meet Addiction, Trouble's on-air branding agency. Approve the new channel logo and idents. Find the animated monster vomiting the Trouble logo particularly amusing.

10.00am: Meet with Setanta to finalise the sponsorship stings for launch of Football Italia on Bravo.

11.00am: Camelot task force meeting with the production company UMTV. Brainstorm new prize mechanic for AFP show Glory Ball on Challenge. The PR team announces that Challenge's presenter is the likely new love interest for Chris Evans and present tabloid coverage.

1.00pm: Agreeable lunch with James Brown and the production company Vashca. Discuss new factual show for Bravo called Riot and how James can bring his wit and passion to the screen as our presenter. Glenn, from Vashca, tells us a very amusing story about night out with Pete Doherty.

3.00pm: Meet with Jason George, the head of interactive programming, to discuss our interactive strategy for the three channels. Finalise content for the Challenge Poker website.

4.00pm: Host independent producers' workshop. Commissioning unit presents the programme strategy for Bravo, Challenge and Trouble for the next 18 months and invites tenders for new shows.

5.00pm: Travel to Brisbane Road to executive produce Challenge's new live poker show, Party Poker's Poker Den. Three-and-a-half hours of live telly and nerves jangling. Everything goes to plan, grab a quick curry with Party Poker and run for the train.

11.00pm: On the train home, flick through 4-4-2 and Inside Edge for gambling fix. Give in to temptation and check e-mail on the BlackBerry.

12.00am: Arrive home bleary eyed and dry of mouth. Watch moon reflect on sea and congratulate myself on moving to the seaside three years ago.