Close-Up: 24 hours with... Marco Scognamiglio

Job: Chief executive, WWAV Rapp Collins Group
Professional mission: Be proud of the creative work you do
Personal mantra: The beer glass is always half-full

6.30am: Awake to find a foot in my face and another in my groin. Not a strange fetish - just my two kids in the marital bed. It's time to get up.

8.00am: Work. Head straight for the galley (our cafe/bar) where our studio head is ordering a quadruple espresso. I settle for a double.

8.05am: Catch up on e-mails from our Stateside global chief executive. Only just gone back after a two-week visit, but he does like to keep in touch (bless).

8.30am: Check Newcastle United website to see if there's any transfer gossip that gives me any reason for optimism. There isn't.

9.00am: Walk round the agency pestering account management about what they're up to and whether there's any gossip.

10.00am: Meet with London agency's head of client services. Treat her to a latte. In return for which I expect to hear about mould-breaking work, organic client growth or a new piece of business. A brief for a Christmas campaign for Great Ormond Street Hospital keeps me happy.

11.30am: See Pete Mitchell, the media MD, before he goes to lunch at River Cafe/The Ivy/Assaggi.

12.15pm: My PA, Anna, gives me a list of calls to return. Do that. (Or check the Newcastle website again.)

1.00pm: Off to the galley for a baked potato with beans. Bump into two clients and have discussion on profound industry issues. That, and how crap Newcastle are.

2.00pm: Finally get to eat cold baked potato in the office I share with creative supremo Ian Haworth. Sneakily turn down the volume on his iPod - there's only so much Girls Aloud a man can take.

3.00pm: Review latest British Gas work with Ian.

4.30pm: Ring round the network agencies for a catch-up.

5.30pm: Another walk round the agency to check how the day's gone. Overhear someone muttering that I should just piss off and let them get on with it.

6.30pm: Off to the gym for some circuit training, only to realise I'm in the middle of an aerobics class.

7.30pm: Home. Make so much noise I wake the kids up and have to put them back to bed.

8.00pm: Dinner, final check of the Newcastle website and then off to bed to ponder the meaning of life. That, and our perilous league position.


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