Close-up: 24 hours with... Steve Davies

Job: Chief executive, Advertising Producers AssociationProfessional
mission: Create the best possible business environment for APA members
Personal mantra: Now

6.45am - Wake to commence getting kids and wife fed, dressed and united with the correct packed lunch, PE kit, musical instrument, mobile, keys, etc and out of the house. Thinking of employing a production manager.

8.45am - Collect coffee from Caffe Nero. Please don't ask if I want a muffin with that. Get asked: "Do you want a muffin with that?"

9.30am - Staff meeting to plan forthcoming events, including the APA Cannes Fringe: four events that provide members who do not become delegates (all of them) with useful activities between parties.

10.30am - Meeting with Lewis More O'Ferrall and John Hackney, the APA chairmen, and our APA Show creative guru, Dave Waters. Our new show venue, the Royal Opera House, is the most spectacular yet.

11.30am - Fireflies meeting with our organising team. We need to get 70 cyclists and 15 support crew through France to arrive at the Festival. It will be worthwhile if we can help the riders match last year's effort by raising £120,000 for leukaemia research.

1.00pm - Mark Boyd from Bartle Bogle Hegarty presents on Audi TV to our branded content group at the Framestore-CFC cinema. It's packed, which is testament to our members' enthusiasm for grabbing all the opportunities in new media.

2.30pm - Sandwich from Soho cafe. Back to desk to check The Guardian website football rumours in case a meteor has destroyed the Emirates Stadium or Spurs have bought Arjen Robben. No luck on either.

2.45pm - Meet with Helen Hadfied and Charlotte Fuller to review our Masterclass students' exam papers.

4.00pm - Calls from members on production questions, which range from the complex to the surreal. For example: "Do I need a vet if I'm shooting a commercial featuring an animal?" "Yes". "It's a cockroach." "Probably not, then."

5.30pm - Sit down with Joce Capper and Ed Sayers to divide the 131 films entered for the Straight 8 competition between screenings at Cannes and in Rushes Soho Shorts.

6.30pm - Moon has invited me to a screening of a short film by its new director, Helena Brooks.

8.30pm - Back home for dinner and Gavin and Stacey on Sky +. No, I don't fast-forward through the ads. OK, sometimes...