Close-Up: 24 Hours with ...

Name: Michael Hockney

Job: Chief executive, D&AD

Professional mission: To make sure D&AD delivers on all three parts of

its global mission

Personal mantra: It's not who you are but what you do that matters

6.30am Get up. Let Leo, our newest acquisition, a 12-month-old Irish terrier, out. Big handful - great fun. 8.00am Rare moment of peace at the office. Get some writing done.

9.00am Go through ridiculously full diary, e-mails and letters with Sam, my ever-patient assistant. My mail is full of surprises since joining D&AD - one of the joys of being involved with the creative industries.

10.00am Management team meeting. It is mind-boggling the volume of work the D&AD team gets through in a year.

12.00pm The team from The Chase arrives. Ben Casey and Harriet Devoy present the D&AD Congress 2005 communication concept. This year a simplified programme, fantastic speakers; April-June 2005. The Chase comes up with a great idea, which we all love.

1.00pm Lunch with Penny Egan, the chief executive at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce. We haven't met before. Great ideas exchange. The RSA has a remarkable history and pedigree. I am envious of its premises: lecture hall, exhibition space, members bar and food ... sigh!

2.30pm Claire Fennelow, Ami Nielsen and I make up the interview panel for the new PR director.

3.30pm Telephone call with Michael Johnson, D&AD's immediate past president, to pick his brains on D&AD's corporate presentation. Having dropped "British Design & Art Direction" last month, now we're just D&AD.

4.00pm Meeting with Leonie Paris, D&AD's deputy programme director for membership, to discuss the review that's underway to improve membership benefits. She goes through two new exclusive deals.

5.00pm Telephone call with D&AD's president, Nick Bell, to discuss the D&AD president's dinner at the RCA in January 2005. Carter Wong Tomlin has designed the invitations as napkins this year. As I said before: in this industry you get good mail, so you also have to send it.

5.30pm End-of-day catch-up with Sam. More appointments, lists, e-mails and letters. More work to do ... sadly, by tomorrow.

6.45pm To Cadogan Hall, new venue for the English Chamber Orchestra. Always try to turn out as I'm a board member. Elizabeth and I are too tired to eat out after, so head home.