CLOSE-UP: CLIENT OF THE WEEK; The man with Pepsi’s cheque

Emma Hall interviews Tim Davie, who took command of ‘project blue’ in the UK

Emma Hall interviews Tim Davie, who took command of ‘project blue’ in

the UK

It’s the day after the launch of ‘project blue’, and Tim Davie has still

not paused for breath.

As the marketing manager of Pepsi in the UK, he spent the day glad-

handing Claudia Schiffer and Andre Agassi, and posing for photographs

while clutching blue-tinted copies of the Daily Mirror.

The dollars 500 million launch of Pepsi’s blue can saturated the UK

media for a day last week (Campaign, 5 April), and Davie justifiably

takes a lot of the credit.

Despite the hard work involved, he enjoyed himself and talks

enthusiastically about travelling at twice the speed of sound on

Concorde, which seems to have impressed him more than the supermodel


To set the record straight, he explains that supersonic Concorde was not

slowed down by its blue livery, contrary to reports in certain tabloids

(and Campaign). While the body of the plane was painted blue, the more

heat-sensitive areas - the wings and the fuel tank - were kept pale.

Davie started at Pepsi nearly three years ago, and spent a year working

on 7-Up, before moving over to the flagship brand, which, he says,

offers opportunities ‘to push marketing to the limit’.

‘We are defining the future, while the competition has created a retro

brand,’ Davie, who learned his marketing skills at Procter and Gamble,


P&G snapped him up while he was still studying English and president of

his college union at Cambridge University. Davie worked on male toiletry

brands at P&G, but left after three years for Pepsi, which he describes

as ‘a more fast-moving, motivating, results-oriented culture’.

His ambitions lie firmly within the Pepsi corporation and although he is

keen to take on a wider marketing role, Davie, 28, confides that the

‘ultimate rush’ would be to move to a top general management position.

Outside work, his future is not so clear cut - he reveals that he is

thinking about getting engaged. Judging by the success of all his plans

so far, it seems certain that he will get what he wants.