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When did you last laugh at an ad?

Not that kind of "hmmpph noise we do when something is quite funny.

I mean really laugh? A proper, great big, uncontrollable Ha Ha Hu Ha Huu? Maybe even a tiny bit of wee sneaking out too? Well, I've just done it, several times in fact.

The snag is, if I explain the ads I've just seen on Campaign Screen in any detail, it will bugger them up for you, like the tit at work who acts out all the jokes from The Office - by the time you get to see it for yourself, he's spoilt it.

So I'll just give you a few clues, then watch them for yourselves.

There's a Mexican ad for a product called Aspirina (Spanish for aspirin), which features a couple in bed. His wife starts snoring and then something funny happens. As far as gags go it's a belter, but maybe feels a bit of a one-off. You know, a bit Hale and Pace.

Unlike the History Channel campaign from The Concept Farm New York, these ads play on the idea that just when something historically monumental is about to happen right in front of you, you'll miss it. One of them has even got the Queen in it, which is nice what with it being her Golden Jubilee and everything.

The Buenos Aires Insurance ad from Agulla Baccetti in Argentina (Ha-ha, one nil) is a corker. It's a car chase spoof. Yeah, I know it's been done before but this has got some magic scenes in it.

Then there's this hilariously trippy ad for Lucky magazine by the San Francisco agency Black Rocket. It's got some nutcase woman and her best friend who is a mannequin, who gets run over and has an affair with her husband and then gets set on fire and please mummy make it stop.

This year's Fox Sports ads urge you not to buy anything made in October because the lads on the shop floor were probably watching Major League Baseball playoffs on their channel. If you don't think these ads are funny it's because you are really stupid.

Ads don't have to be funny, of course. Among all this frivolity you'll find the Portuguese Road safety ad. That'll wipe the smile off your face.

Until you see the new ads for John Smiths starring the unquestionably three-dimensional Peter Kaye. The new work for Pimms ("four of you, one of me, I make that Pimms o'clock") and the mental one for the Swedish painkiller. Oh, and hold tight for the filthiest bitch of a punchline ever in the new Durex ad.

There are all sorts of gags this month. Death, sex, animals, wigs, poo.

All your comedy classics dug out from the hamper marked "funny". They cover the spectrum of products and have been written and created by people all over the world. So everybody's laughing.

And they really are - my maths is rubbish but I reckon at least 80 per cent of the commercials here play for laughs. Not all of them succeed, so it makes the inclusion of a feature on Robert McKee pretty apt. He's the world-renowned comedy clever-clogs. I'd have thought a scientific analysis of comedy is a massive contradiction in terms, but he speaks some sense.

He explains how comedy works - how punchlines "explode logic", how comedy is an antidote to this sorry wanting world, and what a real laugh is.

It's when you wet your pants, pal.

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