Close-Up: The Hot Seat - Graham Daldry, Creative director, Specsavers

- You've got five hours left before the world explodes. What do you do?

Find my kids.

- What's your best joke?

You should've gone to Specsavers.

- What's your biggest fear?


- When did you last cry and why?

Boys don't.

- Who is your hero?

Charles Dickens.

- Name one thing about yourself that few people know.

I'm a doctor.

- What's the worst thing about your job?

It only lasts 30 seconds.

- What do you see when you look in the mirror?

As little as possible.

- Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?

Howard Gossage. Have you heard of him?

- If you had a trained monkey, what would you make it do?

Write ads.

- If your office was burning down, what object would you save and why?

I would watch.

- Are you happy?

If I don't think about it.

- What would you do if you were invisible for the day?

If it was a match day, I'd go and play for Ipswich.

- What's your most evocative childhood memory?

Playing with Lego while England won the World Cup.

- What's your most irritating habit?


- What belief do you hold most strongly?


- What's on your iPod most-played list?

Cannonball, Run, Jimmy Jazz.

- What do you wear in bed?

Blue-and-white stripey pyjamas.