Close-Up: The hot seat - Stephen Woodford, DDB

Name: Stephen Woodford

Job: UK chief executive, DDB

- You've got five hours left before the world explodes. What do you do?

In the words of that wartime poster, "Keep calm and carry on".

- What's your best joke?

Two TV aerials meet on the roof, fall in love and get married. The ceremony wasn't up to much, but the reception was brilliant.

- What's your biggest fear?

Harvey Nichols opening in Cirencester. I am not sure the family finances could stand it.

- When did you last cry and why?

I show what I like to think is a refreshing lack of discernment on this front - I cry on cue at most films, especially anything involving kids and animals. Marley & Me is not recommended if you have a similar lack of inhibition.

- Who is your hero?

My wife, Mia - if only for her new venture,, which has helped raise nearly £1 million for charity in its first year. I'd say she was perfect if it weren't for the state of her car.

- Name one thing about yourself that few people know?

I was a trainspotter as a child.

- What's the worst thing about your job?

I used to think it was my office overlooking the tracks at Paddington, but have rediscovered my old hobby and am in heaven.

- What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A somewhat surprised expression - I have a habit of raising my eyebrows when I look in the mirror.

- Which historical figure do you most identify with and why?

Ernest Shackleton on his polar expedition - particularly the ocean voyage in an open boat in winter to seek rescue. A resolute but flawed leader, but much-focused on keeping his men well fed. His insight in this regard I find evocative and compelling.

- If you had a trained monkey, what would you make it do?

Muck out our horses. And my sons' bedrooms. And Mia's car, while he's about it.

- If your office was burning down, what object would you save and why?

More fine work has been created in this building than any other in the world over the past 40 years, so it would have to be my BMP DDB greatest hits box set "Now that's what I call advertising, vols 1-40".

- Are you happy?

I'd say 9/10. There's always something just out of reach to make it a ten.

- What do you wear in bed?

Boxer shorts (Tesco's Finest range).