Close-up: My Life in Advertising - Craig Mawdsley, Job Joint head of planning, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO

The reason I got into advertising was ... I was too scared to try to make a living out of writing comic books.

The campaign I'm most proud of working on is ... Sainsbury's "try something new today". I can also claim to have been in the room when we were presenting what became "choose a different ending" for the Metropolitan Police.

And the campaign I pretend I wasn't responsible for is ... I'm proud of all the mistakes I've made. And everything that didn't work, I learned from. Even Sunny Delight.

My favourite campaign created by someone else is ... Walkers "Sandwich".

The best moment of my career so far was ... the moment we won the Sainsbury's business at AMV in 2005.

While the most embarrassing moment was ... when I was at Saatchi & Saatchi, turning up at Deutsche Telekom for what we thought was a briefing on T-Mobile.

All 12 clients in the room were expecting us to present ideas. We tried to turn it into a Q&A session. I don't think we got away with it but Saatchis still has the business.

The best celebrity I've worked with on a campaign is ... Carol Vorderman. In my first ever proper campaign, in 1994, we got her fired from the BBC's Tomorrow's World for appearing in an Ariel Future ad.

The person I'd most like to work with in the industry is ... Ali, who does our night shift security. He has access to all the CCTV. I have a feeling he has seen some things that would put hair on a man's chest.

The person who's had the biggest influence on my career is ... Bob Roscow, the vice-chairman of Saatchis in the 90s, who taught me how to be a planner.

The best piece of advice I've received during my career is ... manage your salary, not your title.

If I wasn't working in advertising, I'd be ... still in the HR department at Bath City Council.

In ten years' time, I'll be ... making a living writing comic books.