Close-Up: Live Issue - 24 Hours with ... Polly Cochrane

Name: Polly Cochrane

Job: Director of marketing, Channel 4

Professional mission: Get Channel 4 talked about

Personal mantra: It's only telly

6.45am Open my eyes to find four-year-old Finley staring rather spookily at me, four inches from my face. Nearly jump out of my skin. How did he get there? 8.00am Somehow over the past hour, Tom and I have managed to wash and get dressed, taking it in turns to play Lego/trains. Breakfast is a messy affair, largely on the move.

8.30am Bojana (our godsend of a nanny) arrives and "departure for work" negotiations commence with Finn. Oscar finds my coat, drags it along the floor and offers it to me with two of the ten words he knows: "coat" and "bye".

8.45am Driven to Channel 4 by Tom (my driving allegedly makes him feel sick), so I get straight to work reading the press cuttings.

9.20am Large cappuccino fix followed by office banter and e-mail - bliss.

9.50am Daily press meeting. "Channel 4 under attack for live TV exorcism" shock - our purple patch continues, then.

10.00am Meet with the head of 4creative to discuss its objectives for 2005.

11.00am Draft a note to heads of departments regarding the basis on which we will be allocating promotional airtime.

11.15am Look over the new Jamie Oliver campaign.

11.30am Routine with Kevin Lygo, the director of programmes, to discuss promotional priorities. Agree headline message for spring programme launch.

12.30pm Grab a sandwich and retreat from hustle and bustle of open plan (thanks, Mark Thompson) to "the quiet room" in order to prepare for people's appraisals.

3.00pm Executives meeting, discuss the Ofcom Phase Three report on public service broadcasting and a draft corporate vision document.

4.00pm Channels strategy meeting - discuss likely outcome of our bid for extra capacity on the Crown Castle mux and launch plans for More4.

5.00pm E-mail and calls.

6.00pm Leave the office. Time to talk to Tom and return calls to friends.

6.45pm Spider-Man opens the door and asks if I've brought him a present. An hour-and-a-half of trains, "rug rugby", milk and stories begins.

8.15pm Tom has whipped up something a la Gordon Ramsay, which we enjoy before watching Brat Camp, followed by news headlines.

10.30pm Fall into bed remembering that I forgot to go to the gym.