CLOSE-UP: THE PEOPLE’S JURY; Clio’s Nicole woos car buyers

New twists to established campaigns have won over viewers.

New twists to established campaigns have won over viewers.

Nicole may have left Papa and Provence, but viewers still love her.

Publicis’s latest commercial for the Renault Clio, in which Nicole

drives around Paris before popping in for a job interview, sits

comfortably at the top of this month’s Campaign survey of viewers’

responses to new and re-released ads.

As usual, we selected 20 mainstream commercials and asked punters to

give each one a score out of ten (with ten the highest and one the

lowest score possible). The panel (right) illustrates the top five

ranked by jurors’ declared willingness to buy.

In the main table, Renault Clio scored 6.6, making it the most popular

of the six car ads surveyed this month. Women liked it most - 13 per

cent of them gave the maximum ten points (8 per cent of men did the

same). Not far behind, with 6.4, is Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO’s ever-

popular Yellow Pages work. The twist this time: to celebrate 30 years of

Yellow Pages, the pounds 2.6 million campaign comprises footage of

historical events, featuring figures such as Richard Nixon, Bobby Moore

and Neil Armstrong. This too was a favourite with women.

Sixty-one per cent of those surveyed remembered watching the Yellow

Pages ad and a whopping 68 per cent remembered the Clio film. Yellow

Pages came top of the ‘propensity to buy’ table, with an impressive 42

per cent (odd that, because Yellow Pages is free to consumers).

Given that cars are rare purchases, it’s hardly surprising that the

Clio’s score was lower. At 7 per cent propensity to buy, however,

Publicis’s work seems more persuasive than that for other cars.

BMP DDB’s appealing cartoon cat for Felix catfood purred into third

place for popularity, scoring 6.3. Sharing this score were two cars:

DMB&B’s film for the Fiat Punto, in which a gutsier version of Nicole

shows her sexist partner that women are good drivers; and the re-

released film from Bartle Bogle Hegarty in which a loathsome yuppie

spurns the chance to buy an Audi A4.

BMP DDB’s odd ad for the Golf VR6 - featuring gamblers betting on a

beetle race - scored 6.2, while Butler Lutos Sutton Wilkinson’s no-

frills film for the Mitsubishi Carisma scored 5.9. Ogilvy and Mather’s

action-packed Ford Probe spot registered 5.8.

O&M did better with its ‘1960s’ Lucozade ad, which notched up 6.2. J

Walter Thompson’s first TV work for Stena Line achieved a healthy 6.1,

sharing eighth place with Saatchi and Saatchi’s ad for Schweppes’ Oasis

drink. Saatchis’ use of cheeky celebrities such as Lily Savage and the

line, ‘open, pour, be yourself once more’, clearly hit a chord.

Stylish direction failed to impress. BBH’s film for the Electrolux

Widetrack, featuring a monk hastily vacuuming before his levitating

colleagues come down from the ceiling, and Publicis’s Mastercard spot,

in which a trendy bloke hares around to buy food for a last-minute

dinner-party, scored 5.9 and 5.8 respectively.

In the past, privatisations have floundered at the bottom of the table,

but Lowe Howard-Spink’s campaign for British Energy came in at 15th

place. However, with just 2 per cent propensity to buy (less than the

rest), it failed to convince.

Audience Selection carried out the telephone interviews between 5

July and 7 July, selecting 1,000 adults who represented a cross-section

of the population by age, class, sex and geography.




We asked the people’s jury whether the advertising was more likely to

encourage them to buy or use the product

Ad                     % likely to buy

Yellow Pages                  42

Schweppes Oasis               25

Boots Soltan                  20

Organics                      15

Le Shuttle                    14





Rank Ad campaign             Agency                        Points

 1   Renault Clio            Publicis                       6.6

 2   Yellow Pages            Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO       6.4

 3=  Felix catfood           BMP DDB                        6.3

 3=  Fiat Punto              DMB&B                          6.3

 3=  Audi A4                 Bartle Bogle Hegarty           6.3

 6=  Golf VR6                BMP DDB                        6.2

 6=  Lucozade                Ogilvy and Mather              6.2

 8=  Stena Line              J. Walter Thompson             6.1

 8=  Schweppes Oasis         Saatchi and Saatchi            6.1

10=  Mitsubishi Carisma      Butler Lutos Sutton Wilkinson  5.9

10=  Le Shuttle              BST-BDDP                       5.9

10=  Electrolux Widetrack    Bartle Bogle Hegarty           5.9

13=  Ford Probe              Ogilvy and Mather              5.8

13=  Mastercard              Publicis                       5.8

15   British Energy          Lowe Howard-Spink              5.7

16   Organics                J. Walter Thompson             5.6

17=  Hutchison Orange        WCRS                           5.5

17=  Boots Soltan            J. Walter Thompson             5.5

19   Vodafone                BMP DDB                        5.3

20   Here magazine           Arc Advertising                4.7

Source: Audience Selection. Further information and copies of

the full results are available. Tel 0171-608 3618