CLOSE-UP: THE PEOPLE’S JURY - Harry Enfield ads strike again. He may hate the industry but his ads appeal to the public, John Owen writes

Harry Enfield won’t know whether to laugh or cry at this sycophantic magazine’s latest People’s Jury results.

Harry Enfield won’t know whether to laugh or cry at this

sycophantic magazine’s latest People’s Jury results.

After the comedian’s outspoken remarks in support of the Equity strike

and in disdain of both Campaign and the advertising industry in the

Sunday Telegraph recently, he went on to appear - reluctantly, one

presumes - in a new Hula Hoops ad. Enfield was forced to perform, you

must understand, by the fact that he is locked into a long-term contract

with KP. And the bugger of it is, the ad’s a blinder. It’s working

wonders for those exploitative blood-suckers known as clients and may

even lead to those undeserving parasites known as creatives picking up

another award for something they didn’t originate! Any idea that it

might also line Harry’s pockets with yet more lovely lucre should be

banished immediately.

In fact, good as the ad is, it’s far from the most popular winner of our

People’s Jury poll. Its 6.3 rating lags well behind the 7-plus score

usually required to land the top spot. Perhaps its lack of respect for

the monarchy - ’Oi! First! Naaaaoh!’ screams our hero at Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth I - is to blame for a poor score of 4.9 among the


It’s a surefire hit with the 15-34 year-olds, though, who gave it


Each month, Campaign selects 20 brands that have new TV ads, or old

executions back on air, and asks two groups of 500 viewers what they

think of the advertising (ten brands per group). Those jurors who can

remember each ad give it a mark out of ten and we then rank the

commercials by their mean score (see table above). The panel (left)

indicates the five brands the jurors would be most likely to buy or


Never has a client’s decision to review his advertising business been

more justified by the People’s Jury than that of Chris Coote, the Courts

marketing director. Will Brucie get the boot? He certainly ought to if

the people’s voice counts for anything. While over-55s again bucked the

trend by giving the ads a semi-respectable 5.1, the rest of the

population thought it worth only 3.8 - the lowest score ever awarded by

the People’s Jury to a mainstream advertiser.

Then again, if we had been running this feature back in the early years

of the Ferrero Rocher campaign, it may have fared even worse. Now that

it has acquired cult status, however, its score is respectable - with

those wacky over-55s once again cocking a snook at the rest of us and

awarding it a massive 6.6.

Elsewhere, Bates Dorland’s magnum opus for the Halifax gets the

thumbs-up, as do two other campaigns adland has long derided: Nescafe

Gold Blend and Kellogg’s Cornflakes.

Both also feature prominently in the propensity-to-buy section. J.

Walter Thompson’s Kit Kat ad featuring a British football manager trying

to communicate with a squad of foreign players is another winner in both

the likeability and workability stakes. And, for further proof of the

power of popular advertising, Hula Hoops weighs in with a double whammy

of its own.

That only leaves BT, which - as you’d expect - is not the most popular

advertiser in the world, but is still a brand that’s central to most

people’s lives. Now there’s a challenge for the new Courts agency.

Audience Selection based these results on telephone interviews with

1,000 adults who represent a cross-section of the population by age,

class, sex and geography.


Rank    Ad campaign                 Agency                        Points

1       KP Hula Hoops               Publicis                         6.3

2=      The Halifax                 Bates Dorland                    6.2

2=      Nescafe Gold Blend          McCann-Erickson                  6.2

4       Kellogg’s Cornflakes        J. Walter Thompson               6.1

5=      Kit Kat                     J. Walter Thompson               6.0

5=      Diet Pepsi                  Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO         6.0

7=      Renault Megane Scenic       McCann-Erickson                  5.8

7=      British Airways             M&C Saatchi                      5.8

9=      Doritos                     Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO         5.7

9=      Felix catfood               BMP DDB                          5.7

11      Mitsubishi Carisma          RPM3                             5.6

12=     Ford Mondeo                 Ogilvy & Mather                  5.5

12=     Ferrero Rocher              Canard                           5.5

12=     Thomson Holidays            BMP DDB                          5.5

15      BT                          Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO         5.4

16      Campbell’s Mushroom Soup    Young & Rubicam                  5.3

17      McCain Home Fries           Poulters                         5.1

18      McDonald’s McRib            Leo Burnett                      4.7

19      Lottery Instants            Saatchi & Saatchi                4.5

20      Courts                      CDP                              3.8

Source: Audience Selection. Further information and copies of the full

results are available. Tel 0171-608 3618.